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Purity System Water Purification Health & Wellness

Benefits Of Water Purification
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Purity System Benefits Of Purification Systems

Purity System

Purity System Benefits of Purification Systems



Purity System gives you good informational news, if not the best information for you. Groundwater gets contaminated through environmental waste and industrial waste plants. I know because I used to work for them in my younger days. A while back, they were burying chemical waste in barrels to eliminate it. And now they are burning it. They are using a technological system now with hazardous waste incinerating. And guess what? That’s even worst. Now they are polluting the air, releasing all these gases.


No wonder; Now we know how acid rain developed. So, will we turn into the night of the living dead? I am Just joking; of course not. But the pandemic is already doing an excellent job on the down-low. What’s next? They might still be burying waste in some places. You’ll never know till someone blows the whistle. Thus, not only is the groundwater contaminated. But the crops are also infected by pesticides. And this is the reason that leads me to believe why there have been so many deaths from E-Coli. Hard water, also known as tap water, has over a hundred contaminants.


However, alkaline water purification systems will also remove harmful metals and chemicals. Chlorine, alum, and fluoride are some of them. Springwater was safe to drink back a few decades ago. But now, the water needs testing because of chemical contamination. Thus, this is the reason why underground water is not drinkable till tested. If you live out of the country, you’ll find suitable groundwater, but it’s better to be safe than sorry by testing your water. You can try it with a chemical test.



The Original Watersafe Premium Drinking Water

Test Kit for Well and Tap Water



And the toxic waste buried in the ground turns into methane gas. Pesticides pollute the air and discharge these gases: Nitrous, carbon dioxide, and methane. Everyone should know this because it is piece of vital information. I have learned so much essential information that could make you stick around for more input. Soon I will make another update on a blog about Bigfoot and alien technology. But back to what is dangerous to our health.


Let’s talk about carbon dioxide. I have read that some medications that come in plastic pill form “are made” with carbon dioxide. You can google any ‘kind of medication that comes in a plastic coating. And find out the ingredients it contains. You will see the information about the plastic coating ‘made with carbon dioxide. What made me laugh was that people were complaining about pet food containing carbon dioxide. But they are selling it to us as well on the down-low. Nowadays, you must look up information before taking anything about medication, food, drinks, etc.


I also looked up magnesium stearate which is in a medication called tramadol. That was what was messing me up. Here is what I read about it. “And there is concern that magnesium stearate will stop the body from absorbing the nutrients it should. Another study found that tablets with magnesium stearate take longer to dissolve than those without. And food companies also add it to their processed foods and cosmetics, And of course, pharmaceuticals are adding magnesium stearate to their products.


Furthermore, they say that magnesium stearate is generally safe to consume, but too much of it can give you diarrhea.  In large amounts, it can and will irritate the mucus lining of the bowels. And this will give you diarrhea or constipation as it did me. And it was painful while doing the dang thing. Tramadol will also give you significant munchies, which makes constipation worse. In other words, I ate like a horse. I was always hungry. And I am glad I looked that up because I have gotten rid of those pills.


Besides, this is why my medication gave me peptic bleeding ulcers. It was because of the carbon dioxide made with the pill. Let’s hope that BPA is not one of those ingredients. My theory of what is happening in the world today. Is that we are targeted‘ as an overpopulated nation and world. How did this pandemical happen? All over the world all at once? Come on now.


I am an example of my experience with this medication, though. So, if I need to take any medication, it would no longer be in plastic form. I have back problems, and medication is the last thing I want to take unless I have some severe pain. Instead, I decided to keep exercising. And eat the right foods and fruits to give my body the boost and nutrients it needs. That is so far working for me. I sit all day monetizing and creating content daily. So getting up, doing the walkabout, and exercising is essential.


But, I stopped taking the plastic-coated medication made with carbon dioxide. It’s almost like bottled water. You don’t know which one’s contaminated or not because bottled water has been everywhere in a truck or hot storage areas. Not all factories have air conditioning. And not all groceries have those huge walk-in ice boxes to keep their food merchandise cold and fresh.


I will no longer be buying hot sodas, especially those in plastic containers. And in most cases, the food can still go wrong for so many days lying in the open shelf cooler without a glass door. And it is not my kind of place to shop for groceries. It takes 2 hours for food to spoil; meats will go bad fast if not below forty degrees. So we do not know what is good or bad till we find out. But no one wants to find the wrong way by getting a foodborne illness. And that’s why so many thousands have died from foodborne illness, because of this kind of error.


Now we got to worry about how and where viruses can rub off. From people etc., because of the corona. The first thing I do after bringing home groceries. I must wash all plastic food packages to ensure I do not catch anything. And the meat has to be washed before cooking? Don’t wash it with soap, okay? Just pure alkaline water will do.


I wash it off with alkaline water, which is better than tap water any day. It’s become a nasty world so far and does not seem like it will get any better. But we will find out, and I will be updating it on my next posts.


I should know; I have a food handlers certificate and a license to sell Tabaco and Alcohol. That helps to know the proper way of doing your job right. Because it is vital to our health to ensure we eat the right foods and drinks. And with bottled water. You do not know where it’s been. Or the temperature environment there were in. And for how long.


So, what do you think has happened to cases of bottled water sitting out in the hot sun all day? They get ‘contaminated with BPA!!! Like the robot used to say in the series of lost in space. “Danger, Danger, ‘Danger. Walk ‘away’ and go search for a better grocery store. ‘Now a day’s you have to do your research. Because if you don’t, what’s going on. You are as lost as the rest of the world who doesn’t know either. Don’t be like everyone else. Be yourself.



Drink Alkaline Water

Thus, drinking alkaline water helps the digestive system by eliminating any acidic cells in your body. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation. Again, let me clarify that the treatment centers do not use reverse osmosis. Because they cannot afford and maintain the filtration systems. They only recycle sewage water and treat it with chlorine, alum, and fluoride. But when you use a water purification system. You reap the benefits of drinking alkaline water.



How Good Is Bottled Water?

Chemical tests will show bottled water to turn yellow and acidic. And everyone should know by now that acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. But, alkaline water will turn slightly blue and sometimes purple. When you drink alkaline water, it is not only good and nutritious for you. But will also help flush out your entire system. You can count on getting better health results. As I have said before. If bottled water gets overheated outside in a car or hot storage area. It will give you cancer if you drink it.



Alkaline Water Is Nutritional

To produce good quality alkaline water, you need a reverse osmosis system. If not, you will still have to drink those chemicals in the water. Chemicals stay in the water and are dangerous to your health. So, is it not better to have a water purification system?


As we all know, alkaline water is pure and nutritional and will flush all toxins from your body. That is why we must drink good quality alkaline water for optimizable health. Furthermore, water purification is a method that removes all contaminants. Also, It helps your digestive system by flushing out any acidic cells in your body. And when you use alkaline water to’ cook your meals. It makes a tremendous difference in the taste because water purifiers are more effective in removing all contaminants than anything else.


When I used to work for Westinghouse, their four filtration systems went for twenty-five hundred, financed. Whew! I knew that was a big rip-off because I promoted five reverse osmosis stages for as little as a hundred. But recently, I have upgraded a single screw-on faucet type of 5 stages. I also am an affiliate for eBay, where you can get them cheaper through eBay, amongst other items.



APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Duel Countertop


There is an email wireless weather alert that gives you food recall alerts. It lets you know when there are food recalls, fish, crackers, fruits, and processed food. And weather reports in your area once you enter to register your email and zip code to receive these alerts. It’s called The Emergence Email & Wireless Network.



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First of all, tap water is also called hard water. Yes, tap water might be drinkable to some people. But it is still not safe to drink because of the hundreds of contaminants because the city is sending us back recycled water to drink.

Would you drink water full of chemicals? And pipes are hundreds of years old, containing built-up calcium and magnesium. And at times corroded. Therefore, these chemicals will whiten the water. But, the chemicals will remain in the water.

You will be drinking contaminated water with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. Boiling the water will most likely kill the bacteria, but the bacteria remain dead in the water. Those little cap screw-on filters are not good enough to filter out water. 


If you must get a screw-on filter, get the five-stage reverse osmosis system all in one screw-on filtration system. That has all five filters built into one. And easy to screw onto your faucet. So, it is much better to own your water purification system. In ‘addition, it will help with your digestive system.


Apex Expert MR-1010 Countertop-5 Stages Reverse Osmosis



Bottled Water Is No Longer Safe To Drink

Plastic is ‘made with a chemical compound called BPA. Bisphenol-A.  Leaving your bottled water in a hot car will “leak” into the water and give you cancer. Not to mention, I have tested bottled water, and they are all acidic. It turns yellow when tested with a chemical kit, indicating its acidity.


Why Did The FDA Approve BPA?

The FDA approved BPA to be safe. But I have heard on the news that it is not safe to drink bottled water when left in a hot car. Or ‘a hot storage area. If you research, you can find out which grocery store is the safest. They are most likely the ones with air conditioning in the back stocking dep. ‘Where they have all the goods and meat come in the back door. ‘You can always google it and find that out as well.


If you get upset from drinking that water, go to the doctor or emergency if you must. ‘Imagine; how long it takes for these plastic bottles of water to get delivered. From across the country without air-conditioning. There will be a BPA leakage in the summertime for sure. Be careful what you drink, what you eat, and where you buy your food; ‘Some people care about their health.


And some people are blind to the truth. For instance, my father passed away at a young age, only 69 ‘because he did not care about taking care of his ‘good health. I tried to help him with advice, but he ‘was already set in his ways. And he would say we all got to die of something someday anyhow.


My dad ate whatever he wanted to eat. He would eat banana nut ice cream before bedtime. And he had diabetes. He also had high blood pressure and wanted my mother to add more salt to his eggs.


The doctor also said he died of a heart attack from too much cholesterol in his system. So, what can I say? May he rest in peace. But we all have a ‘choice’ to make sure we stay optimizable health. Thus, there is no reason why” you should not ask to google any questions you may have in mind about healthy foods ext.


Make sure you drink at least the proper amount of water a day. And try not to overwork yourself. Overthinking and worrying can bring stress to your mind and body. Bottled water will turn yellow because of its acidity; in most cases, all bottled water is acidic. But alkaline water will turn either purple or light blue.

I have seen bottled water stacked outside a grocery store in the heat. The water is no longer suitable to drink because it is most likely ‘contaminated by the overheating conditions. Melting the BPA leak into the water.


BPA was safe by the FDA’s approval. But, recent research has found it to be cancerous to your health. Furthermore, it will give you cancer once it leaks into your water. If you keep drinking, that kind of water you will surely get cancer.


We do not know how long these plastic bottles have been hanging around. Whatever length of time in the heat or a hot storage area. It could turn deadly to the elderly, who are more susceptible because of their age. Their immune systems aren’t as strong as when they were young.


Bones get fragile, muscles weaken, and your immune systems go down as you age. But you can still exercise and stand a chance of living a healthier life and having a steady immune system for the rest of your life.


There should be a rule for all grocery stores not to stock water outside in the heat. Or canned foods outside in the heat because of overstocking. Drinking out of these bottles of water is not safe at all.



Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

Reverse Osmosis water purification systems are outstanding. And will save you money from buying bottled water ever again. ‘Because you deserve the best quality water for you, your family, and your business. Not only is alkaline water suitable for drinking, but it can also be great for washing your vegetables.


Showering it in a bath with alkaline water will leave your skin so smooth. Some people use soft water. I use alkaline water for drinking, washing vegetables, cooking, and washing dishes. Life is short; why not live it up and spoil yourself. You owe that much to yourself and your family.


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It will regulate one’s ph. level, giving you an extra energy boost. And put you back into great shape. Moreover, it’s nutritious enough for you and your family. And the taste is pure and sweet. Thus, boosting your metabolism. When I was a little boy, I drank from the water hose while playing outside. And you know when kids play, they get thirsty. I would not have drank that hard water if I knew what I know now. Hard water is tap water. And tap water is hazardous to your health if you drink it because of its hundreds of contaminants.


The city treatment centers use chlorine and other chemicals to clean the water. And these chemicals are dangerous for consumption. The primary disease you got to worry about. It is E-Coli because it is a dangerous bacterial pathogenic disease. That has killed and will keep killing. E-Coli has caused severe food poisoning through processes of food products as well.


Thus, food contamination is a problem in today’s society. That is why we must be careful as we go through these tougher times during this pandemic. Not only does tap water contain all these contaminants. It also has metals, chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic. Even though they say the water is clean with these chemicals. These chemicals also remain in the water. Thus, you will still be drinking contaminated chemical water. Not to mention; recycled sewage water. That is nothing more than animal and human waste.


Brondell H630 H2O+ Cypress Countertop



Drinking hard water or tap water will do damage to your insides. Because of the dangerous chemicals and viruses, it contains. Not to mention; the metals it contains. Aluminum, copper, lead, mercury, ext. Tap water has over a hundred impurities. And there are incidents of deaths from food poisoning.


I have also found out that there are other countries. That use reverses osmosis filtration systems. For their people. If only that would happen here. It would be a miracle made happen. But it is all about saving money because of inflation. Thus, some companies go through challenging issues. About how much money they can spend. And seems that everything gets worst instead of better.



BPA is this protective layer inside all plastic bottles. Including plastic packages and containers. But it ‘was soon discovered in further studies. That BPA ‘will leak into your water if the bottled water is ‘left in a hot car or outside in the heat. Thus ‘giving you cancer if you decide to drink it. I recommend not to drink bottled water for those reasons alone. Do you know that bottled water has been everywhere in the heat? For instance.


I saw cases of bottled water outside of a grocery store. Because they did not have room for it inside. Overstocking bottled water outside in the hot sun. Has already gotten contaminated by BPA. Bottled water should always be in a cool environment when getting delivered. But some truckers don’t even have air condition vents in the back of the truck. Some take hours if not days to get to their destination.


That ‘being said. The best kind of water is good quality premium alkaline water. That will give you the daily boost that you need. And, nothing is better than cooking with alkaline water. The taste is sweet, and the food comes out tasting great as well.




So, studies and research have found that BPA affects male and female Hormones. It also lowers the male libido. If you only knew what happens to those tv dinners, When they get overheated in the microwave oven? The hot food will melt the BPA into your meal.


SimPure Y7 UV Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Purification System



I was having severe stomach pain and did not know what was wrong with me at first. I went to the doctor and then to get a colonoscopy done. And this continued for the past three years. Every year I had to get checked out because of intestinal bleeding. And I kept having the same bleeding ulcers. Even; after taking antibiotics and medication. And to no avail, that did not make a bit of difference. But, when I started drinking alkaline water, I noticed how good and sweet it tasted, and soon after a week. I started feeling more energetic and without pain. Afterward, my stomach and intestines were not giving me any more problems. It does what it’s supposed to do. Clean all those acidic cells from your body. And it was the best choice I ever made. 



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Purity System Reverse Osmosis


Tap Water Is Not Clean Water

Why? Because tap water has more than a hundred contaminants. And it comes from recycled sewage water, also known as hard water. There is a disease in sewage water called E-Coli that is a deadly disease and will kill.


Because it kills, and also, so does arsenic that’s in tap water. Tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants. Because’ all they do is whiten the water with alum, chlorine, and other chemicals. Here are a few contaminants that you will find in tap water. Thus, alum is nothing more than melted down aluminum with sulfuric acid. One more thing I have seen. Is that some grocery stores have open-door refrigeration for meats.


I have a Certified Food Handlers Certificate. And I know that meats must be at a temperature under 40 degrees F so it does not get spoiled. And should always be at the top of the icebox, not below other foods. To avoid food poisoning. I tell people not to go to those stores that do not have glass doors for their meats.


And produce. Furthermore, I found out that E-coli got into processed food packages. I can tell you why, and that is because they process food with tap water. And you already know that tap water has E-Coli in it and hundreds of other contaminants.


Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis Water FIlteration System-600


These are several contaminants found in tap water, including viruses. It also contains metals like Copper, Aluminum, Magnesium, Fluoride, and Calcium. And diseases and viruses that will cause serious infections. Here are a few to name.


Helicobacter pylori


Gastrointestinal disease


Gastric ulcers


E-Coli Escherichia


Hepatitis C. And the list goes on.


We are definitely in need of a better source of drinking water. Reverse osmosis water purification systems are the best to have. And will produce excellent premium quality alkaline water for you and your family. Alkaline water also flushes out your entire system. And kidneys from all acidic cells from your body.


Bottled Water Is Acidic?

We can choose to drink bottled water. But did you know that plastic bottles are ‘made with the chemical compound called BPA? Which will make the plastic harder and firmer? Plus, it’s supposed to be safe. But, recent studies proved it to be cancerous to your health. when the bottle gets overheated in a car or factory without air conditioning to keep them cool.


Too many times have I seen cases of bottled water stacked outside in the hot summer sun on hot pavement. ‘This is an actual photo that I took. The security guard ‘was flagging me away before I ‘could take any more pictures. So, imagine them getting so overheated that it will make the BPA leak into the water. If you ever leave a bottle of water in the plastic of’ course ‘getting soft? That raises a red flag because the BPA has lost its protective layer and leaked into your water.



If you feel a plastic bottle is soft, That means that it has been in an extreme heat environment. Which means BPA has already leaked into the water. If you drink, it will make you sick to your stomach. That is how you will be able to tell as well. What about spring water?


A few years back, it was safe to drink. But now farming industries are spraying chemicals on crops. Pesticides and herbicides are to ‘thank for contaminating the groundwater. Thus spring water needs testing as well because of this. So much has happened through farming and chemical waste plants. So, finding clean underground water is hard to find.


Thus, would it not be better to invest in a water purification system? And it will also save you money from buying bottled water again. That will save you hundreds every year. My cousin stopped by for a visit one day. And we were talking for a while and he got thirsty watching me fill up a gallon of alkaline water. So, I gave him a drink of it. His eyes got wide open with pleasure saying to me wow that tastes good and sweet. 



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Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water Purity System


What Are The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

The benefits of drinking alkaline water is very nutritious for our bodies. And will clean your entire system. And will also remove all acidic cells that do more harm than good in your body. It is always best to have a reverse osmosis water purifier. Because it’s filtrated through sand and carbon filters. That removes 99% of all contaminants from tap water.


When you drink alkaline water. You will also taste a significant difference between tap water and alkaline. Alkaline is pure and sweet to the taste buds. And tap water has a bit of a bitter copper taste to it. Most people still like to go buy water at these outside water dispensers. where you can fill up a 5-gallon container of water. But if you must, please buy the containers that have the red dot label that says BPA free on them.


Tap water has over a hundred contaminants. And full of metals. Like zinc, iron, copper, calcium, Infectious pathogens like E-Coli, and much more. Thus, when you buy plastic bottles for your dispenser. Make sure you look for the kind that has the little red label saying BPA Free. Plastic bottled water is made with BPA. Moreover, studies and research show that bottled water is not safe to drink. The plastic bottle is ‘made with a chemical compound called BPA. Bisphenol-A will leak into the water if left in a hot car or storage area.

Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

Tankless RO Water Filtration Systems



Thus, installing and maintaining a sophisticated reverse osmosis machine. Would cost them thousands of dollars. ‘This has always been the problem with our economy. The company cannot afford a reverse osmosis system because of inflation. And they will not be able to service and maintenance every six months or so. Because it is too expensive to maintain. ‘Saving the company money by using chemicals to per-say to clean the water.


And gives good reason to test the water before consumption. The city’s underground pipes have to be ‘replaced whenever they break or leak. Or it gets clogged up with calcium and magnesium. Some pipes are as old as a hundred or more years old. And we should have a mandatory rule to replace these pipes.


Thus, As you can see, they only replace these pipes when they clog up. How would they know when to replace them? Now let’s talk about our water suppliers’ underground pipes. Here is an example of how long it takes them to replace underground pipes. ‘Till they are no longer functional or clogged up with calcium and magnesium. Including corroded pipes.


Calcium, And Magnesium

These pipes are so old some are a hundred or more. And our city’s drinking water pipes are contaminated by recycled sewage water. Thus, the water that they have been producing for us to drink is a disgusting thought. Besides, who wants to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces. Yuk! And contaminants like arsenic, E-Coli, can cause severe foodborne illnesses that will kill.


Now they are finding E-Coli in food processed packages. And it does not take a scientist to figure out why and how. They must be using tap water to process their food. Tap water has E-Coli in it. But a reverse osmosis system will remove all that and the rest of the contaminants it has.


Furthermore, the chemical tests show that bottled water turns yellow because it is acidic. And it does not matter the brand name of the bottled water. First of all, plastic bottled water is acidic. Second, they say you can boil water and ‘it will kill the bacteria. But the bacteria are still dead in your water. And so will the chemicals remain in the water as well.


In addition, the chemicals that bleached the water are also still there. And if you boil the water the metals in the water will multiply. ‘Like magnesium, iron, and calcium. Some contaminants are not removable by just boiling water. This method will only kill the “nutrients” of the water. And chemicals will remain in the water.


A reverse osmosis water purifier. Will produce pure alkaline water with a ph. Level’ that reaches from 7 to 14 on the alkaline scale. This makes it nutritious to drink. And will also kill all acidic cells, that are housing cancer cells to grow. All “bottled water” is acidic and ‘not pure enough for human consumption. Thus, nothing can be no better than having your purification system. And will save you lots of money from ever buying bottled water again.

Apex Expert MR-1010 Countertop Water Filtration System 




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Water Purification Methods

Water purification systems do what they say they do. Purify your water to the highest alkaline level on the alkaline scale. Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that will not only remove contaminants. But the metals and chemicals as well. And are they expecting us to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces? When I found this out, I was thinking back in the days. When I used to drink water out of the hose. I never had the slightest idea whether the water was safe or not. But now I do.


Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis System, Tankless, 600 GPD,

And I hope they did not recycle sewage water back then. Nowadays, you have to test everything to make sure it’s safe. Even cattle crossing streams have been contaminated with E-Coli. That will develop an infectious disease that will cause you to die. And that is also found in tap water because the city recycles sewage water. So am I going to drink tap water? No way. Now I even feel funny if I take a bath or shower with tap water.


Not sure I like getting slapped on the face with everyone’s recycled urine and feces. So I use alkaline water until I get a soft water machine installed for washing clothes, dishes, shower wash the car. And believe me, you will even feel the difference. And your skin will feel nice and smooth.


The farming industry uses herbicides and other chemicals. That is also contaminating the groundwater. That is why having a purification system is the best thing to own. You would have made the best decision to get a reverse osmosis system. Purifying your water is better than drinking bottled water. It will protect you against bacteria. Including E-Coli a severe pathogen disease. That comes from animal and human waste.


BPA Is Cancerous

BPA Is a chemical compound made with plastic to give it firmness. But studies have proven that leaving your bottled water inside a ‘hot car will overheat. And the BPA will ‘leak into the water. Thus, it will give you cancer if you drink that water. 


A chemical test done on bottled water will turn yellow because it was acidic. But, alkaline water will turn purple or blue depending on its alkalinity. Therefore, all bottled water is acidic. But acidic cells will be eliminated from your body soon as you start drinking alkaline water. Thus, protecting you from getting cancer because acidic cells attract cancer cells. That will eventually start growing larger and larger. 


Moreover, investing in a ‘Reverse osmosis water purifier. It will come with easy installation instructions. You will never need to buy any more bottled water. Thus, filtration systems will remove all inorganic minerals. But, not the good minerals. And again there are many ways that people filter out water. But reverse osmosis is the best way because of its many sand and carbon filters. Some are from 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, stages of filtration. I bought a 5 stage reverse osmosis system. Then I bought the Single 5-stage countertop reverse osmosis system.

Which works just the same as the 5 stage ones. 


Counter Top 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis all in one screw on faucet
Easy Install Faucet Water Filter – Reduces Heavy Metals, Bad Taste, and Up to 99% of Chlorine – Clear


But if you prefer you can go up to 11 stages of reverse osmosis systems. 


And again, like I said before. Plastic is ‘made with a ‘chemical called BPA. To give the plastic its firmness. It is also the so-called protective inside layer of bottles and cans. Thus, tap water is the worst kind of water to drink because of the hundreds of contaminants that it holds. Drinking alkaline water is the best way to stay healthy. Not only will it boost your energy. But to bring you back to optimizable health.


Most restaurants do not use reverse osmosis as well. I worked for several restaurants and none of them used reverse osmosis filtration. And you have to be careful about that too. Because’ they cook with tap water. And Ice water is nothing more than tap water. So, be careful where you eat because foodborne illness and bacterial disease are nothing to take chances on.

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