Exposing The War On Drugs

Exposing The War On Drugs
Exposing The War On Drugs


The War On Drugs Is A Racist Policy

Remember when President Nixon declared war on drugs? He was putting people in prison for selling marijuana. Giving most of them 20 years to life.

It was the plan to get rid of the minority that sold drugs. Without their permission or authority according to their law.

You would have to be a certified doctor to prescribe drugs of course.

Consequently, there is nothing in the law that says you can’t grow your medicinal plants. Furthermore, yet they manage to put people in jail for that too.

Once I heard that an old lady who got put away because she had a plant of Marijuana in her garden.


How To Cure Food Poisoning

I did not like that they put her in jail because of her old age. She said she did not know what it was but it looked pretty. So, she did not know what it was.

Or maybe she did. But this is what I mean about this type of law. Everyone goes to jail no matter what age.

That is a shame. It must have been a relative or someone she knew who through a bunch of marijuana seeds in her garden.

So, the only proof against her was that it grew in her garden. Thus, the government has gone too far with this law.

It is a made-up law as a plot to steal from the poor and give to the rich sort of scheme.

In addition, it was also a way to get rid of the Hispanics and Afro-Americans.

To make more money for each head to be in prison. Including all drug addicts. It includes everyone who broke this law no matter what age.

But there are more African and Latin Americans in prison than any other. Thus, foreigners are included.

And they are not going to tell us that. But it was created as a racist policy to get rid of the minority.


Exposing the Biggest Government Secrets

This isn’t about the “War on Drugs”. It’s about the government ‘enslaving the poor. In addition, they make more money by putting them in prison.

The state gets $200 a head for every person they send to prison. And that was in the 70s. They probably get more than that now.

Oh, they’re rich all right. Filthy rich. Like I said before. It is a racist policy. It is like knocking two birds with one stone sort of speak.

Moreover, the police make more than 1.5 million drug arrests each year. And around 550,000 are for cannabis convictions alone.

About 65% of voters support ending the war on drugs. However, it did not lead to a healthier country.

And 67% agree in eliminating the drug on war policies. Instead of investing in a recourse to treat people with drug addictions.

And some got sent to prison for a wrongful conviction. And a false accusation of something they did not do. Thus, most of the police force is extremely prejudiced as well.

And that includes the government officials and the president. This is how the New World Order started and how it works.

That includes some judges, lawyers, prosecutors, etc… Not to mention some doctors and nurses. I wish they would give everybody a lie-detector test.

To see if they are prejudiced in any way. So that they will not get hired by the government. And everywhere else for that matter.


Exposing The New World Order

Because this is what is bringing America down. And all other countries who follow in their footsteps. Like I said a while ago. This is what the new world order is about. Take from the poor and give to the rich.

Which leads to the incarceration of good innocent people trying to earn a living. Because of a lack of work to make ends meet and pay their bills.

In addition, some could not get food stamps. And inflation every year was making it worse. This is why we see lots of homeless people all over America.

I heard stories of some not being able to pay their taxes and having their home taken away from them by the city. Subsequently, they tried taking my house for back taxes, but I fought it and won.

Now I am exempted, meaning I don’t have to pay any more property taxes. Thank God I read a lot of law books and did my research.

However, not everyone knew how to defend themselves in court. Or know how to claim bankruptcy.

Thus, with the way inflation has been going, we have no choice but to make another way of making ends meet. But why put a person in jail for selling crops of marijuana?

And for medicinal purposes. Again, like I said before, the government does not want any poor people to get rich. Just the Illuminati’s way of getting rich. The new world order is the Illuminati’s way.

Thus, the government does not want anyone to get rich that way. However, only they can sell drugs, how about that?

They turn right around and re-sell the drugs they confiscate from drug lords. And sell it right back to society.


Exposing The Government’s National Parks Deepest Secrets

America turned from the land of the free to the land of the slaves again but from a different perspective. It’s all the same, we are still not free.

However, from a different perspective. Thus, they are slaving people behind bars. Tell you what to do. When to take a shower and when to eat.

I mean millions of people are in prison today and most of them drug-related.

I know a secret. Most of the people who work in the justice system are Masons! And they are the worst kind of racism.

Cause these types will not let you get out of prison that easily. They would not care if you rotted for 99 years.

They can give us life but when President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter goes to jail, he gets a slap on the risk and he is right back out. HA! We are equally important as well. Wouldn’t you think so?

Guess who was the first president who became a Mason? George freaking Washington.

The first president of the United States. And it was said in history that he also saw a UFO at Valley Forge. Is that telling you something yet?

George Washington had an alien encounter at Valley Forge. That gave him protection throughout the American Revolutionary War. 

As for the racist war on drugs policy. This has been going on for over 50 years and needs to stop.

Please God weed out the wicked from the government and justice system. Subsequently, they are poison to society and are killing us off slowly but surely.

May the wicked always perish in your presence, God almighty. Surely, the wicked will soon pay.

For their actions against God and his people and the rest of society who need help and protection in prison.


Who Were The Annunaki? And Who Was Lilith?

From getting killed by some psychopath or something. However, when you keep someone in prison for so long. They just keep getting smarter and wiser each year.

While they keep reading and learning throughout the years of their sentence. Most geniuses come out of prison.

Therefore, may I say this? Instead of breaking you, it was making you sort of speak. Meaning, you will get better, smarter, and stronger than before.

And I promise you every good person that goes to prison. Usually come out better than they were before.

There you only eat, work, sleep, and read till you get out. What better way to become educated than in solitary confinement?

We must understand one thing. Just because someone goes to prison does not mean they are guilty of the crime.

Most are people innocent and are convicted through a court-appointed lawyer. Who will offer them a plea bargain or suffer life in prison? Even though they are innocent.

They don’t care if you are innocent because they work for the system. You would have to have money to hire a private attorney.

And if you decide to go before a Judge instead of a jury. He will take advantage of you and give you life. That is what you call a hanging Judge.

That will scare most people to go for the plea bargain under pressure. Most of them wouldn’t care if you get put away forever if they could.

You see the court-appointed lawyers are there to make money off of you too.

By making you take a plea bargain. They do not want to fight your case if they do not want to. This is where greed overtakes them.

They are only there to do their job and that is to help put you away period.


God Gave Power To King Solomon To Control 72 Demons

If they can get you to plea bargain. It is more money in their pockets. It is like they don’t give a hoot about you. They may act like they do or like you but they don’t trust me. It is all a front. It is only about the money.

In addition, you have Judges, lawyers, and prosecutors who are who being prejudiced. That War on drugs policy has gotten old, man. It’s time for a change.

I hope someone in high places is reading this and passing on the word. What word? The word of God. What is the word of God?

The truth that is the word of God. What he wants us to know is important for us to figure out in the spirit. Contemplating in God is what gives you that gift.

Do not forget God every day of your life. And he won’t forget about you every day of your life.

Nevertheless, this madness that has been going on for all these years has got to stop. I’m tired of hearing about all these new wars breaking out in the East.

Man, that stuff is primitive as hell. It needs to stop. That is wrong as hell. Thus, all this needs a change in the law now.

Again, this nation is well known for its discrimination against its people, and it needs to stop. It does not matter what race you are. Or what the color of your skin is.

Thus, we all have the same color of blood. Red! We are all red-blooded humans. We were all created in the image of God. And created equal. No one is better than the other or more superior than others.

Therefore, anyone that has a mind can be a genius if they try. You don’t have to be a certain color to be intelligent and wise in all aspects of life.

Greed is the devil’s way and most of these greedy people are working in the government. Believe it or not, it also includes some presidents. Like Richard Nixon after declaring the war on drugs.


Are You God’s Chosen? How Will You Know?

He got caught stealing lol. Remember Watergate? Why didn’t they put his butt in jail? See what I mean? What makes them above the law? No one should be above the law. Not even the freaking President.

Like I said before. All this is part of the New World order. The New World Order is about all of the countries coming together for one big purpose.

And that is to reduce an overpopulated world. Bingo!

Again, I have proved my point. And again, concluded that we are nothing more than cattle for the slaughter. What? America is the land of what? The free? What freedom. We never were free.

Moreover, they took it away from us slowly but surely. And most of America is in prison for the rest of their lives now. Because of a petty racist policy from Richard Nixon.

In those days, they were putting people in jail for more than twenty years. For Mary Jane also known as pot, marijuana, weed.

Remember the song Mary Jane by Rick James? Well, that was not a woman he was singing about lol.

Her real name was Maria-Juana lol. Not too long after that Roxan pops up. Oh, that was more money in their pockets.

Furthermore, they have created a drug that will destroy most of society which is called crack. And that is a life sentence in itself as well.

They said that it was created to kill all Afro and Latin Americans. But it does not discriminate it will kill anyone. Again another plot to kill an overpopulated nation and world.


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Marijuana is for medicinal purposes believe it or not. It is said that it will relieve back and joint pain.

Why would God put that plant on earth if it was not for healing purposes? But they want us to think it is bad for you, which is a bunch of malarkey.

The other plant the cocaine plant is the devil’s drug. But that is one drug that does not belong to God. The drug they call the devil’s drug. Cocaine!  Why do they call it that?

For one, it will destroy your life. Not only will it do that but kill you slowly. How? Let me tell you about a demonstration they did with monkeys in the 60s that most of you do not know about yet.

They would give them a plate of food on one side of the cage and another plate with some cocaine on the other side.

And the monkey went for the cocaine more than the food. The monkey got hooked on it and died of starvation.

This is why they call it the devil’s drug. The cocaine plant or tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, believe it or not. It’s in Genesis.

What good would an apple do for the devil if it won’t seduce her? Bingo! Cocaine is a controlled substance, remember that while you read further.

It does not say it, but I am sure it did say it at one point in the bible till the bible scholars took it out. Remember that the King James revised version bible?

That is what It says it is. Revised! In other words, words have been taken out and words have been added to fool us a little.

Should I say it was recreated to control us? And keep us in the blind of the real truth.


 Do You Believe In Ghosts, Demons, and Spirits?Purity System Do You Believe In Ghosts

Did I ever mention it in my other posts? That was when Lilith Adam’s first wife conceived a son from Satan. They called him Cain. Well, I’ll let you know how I figured this one out.

You see the bible scholar back in the days of the Christian crisis. Let’s start with when the Knights Templar found King Solomon’s treasure. And his secret key and magical seals.

This is what they did. They made King James revise the bible scriptures. They made sure they embedded some secret geometry in it. For one who named that boy Caine. The Knights Templar.

How? They got together about a dozen bible scholars to rewrite the bible. And I know that they said that Cain brought Lilith a plant or branch.

It was the same plant that was from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. So that she could take it again. And come back for more. Cocaine is addicting.

Why would Cain bring it to her? His father Satan told him to take it to her. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was Cocaine my friends, the devil’s drug.

So, they named him Cain. In those days it was in a different language but the same name.

This name is considered geometrically created by the Knights Templar. Just like the geometry in the paintings of Micheal Angelo.

The Knights Templar has something to do with his paintings as well. Hiding their secrets within the painting.

God is good. helping his people. How is that? He helps us and gives us a good understanding of what the world is made of. How? All we need to do is listen to our consciousness.

He speaks to us every day through our consciousness. And sends messages to our minds, like ideas. Where do you think those ideas in your head are coming from? They come from God!


Message To Roboam King Solomon’s Son

Where do you think your spiritual gift is from? Guess what? The devil’s power belongs to God too. But he used it for his selfish reasons.

Jealousy was his first sin against God. He wanted to be above God. Greed was the second sin. I believe the third one was mating with Adam’s first wife Lilith.

When God said do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because you will surely die.

Of course, it did not mean right at that minute. But if you do not stop you will surely die. Either from starvation or an overdose if you take too much.


Did you know that Magnesium stearate is in all medication, and processed foods? Find out what it can do to you if you eat too much of it.


Nevertheless, like I said before. If we could find people who are good Samaritans. In our society to work in the government and justice system, would make America free for sure.

If we could all try to get along and not be racist or evil. We could be the land of the free.

Drop me some comments folks and let me know what you think. It’s all gravy baby. I dedicate my time to nothing more than the truth.

I love exposing the truth. And that is the gift I have and may you have it too.

By all means. Well, all should work together by praying together. We can make this happen. How? Faith, prayer. And you don’t have to be down on your knees to pray.

God hears you anywhere you may be. You don’t have to go to church to make it to heaven that is just a building.

Remember what Jesus said. You cannot come in through the window. You can only come in through the door. And the door. 


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Do You Believe In Ghosts, Demons and Spirits?

Do Your Believe In ghosts
Do you believe In ghosts

Believing In Ghosts, Demons, and Spirits

Do you believe in ghosts, demons, and Spirits? Let me start by saying this to my friends. We are in a transformation. And what you are about to read might shock you.

I will start by saying. This is a part of my life’s true story. On what happened to me during the past younger years.

I am very experienced when it comes to exercising demons. Many secrets have been discovered. Thus more is to come. And I never charged anyone for it. Jesus didn’t so why should I?

I learn through self-learning, and experience is always the best teacher. My life came with a bit of suffering. Not to mention always fighting a spiritual battle.

There are spirits in high places that love to torment us all. And we must prepare ourselves for those kinds of attacks.

 Ghosts and Spirits Do Exist

And for those who went through similar suffering like me. I welcome you to your destiny. Yes, you have a destiny like me and everyone else too. I have figured out why I suffered so much and you will find out too.

There is nothing more exciting and astonishing than finding out who you are in this life. From the beginning of my childhood to this day. I have learned much about the spirit world.

Many of you already know by my other posts. I went through a spiritual trauma and awakening as a child.

And have seen ghosts, and skeletons, and heard lots of weird things waking me up in the dark.

I wondered why this happened to me for many years. Till I cracked the code. I am here for a reason. And something tried to devour me as a child to stop me from my destiny.

What kind of creature flies at night so large that it can flap its wings on top of your roof like it is trying to get you?

King Solomon’s Testament

My first thought was a demon. Why me? I kept saying. And I felt it was my destiny to find out first. And afterward, what my destiny is about.

I was chosen by God even before birth. As I was told by an angel of God, Raphiel. Who spoke to me through a medium’s voice. How? She lets spirits take over her body.

Yes, I met quite a few of them and in my past still wondered again why me. This was not a seance, I met this person.

It seems that I am to meet with spirits because this sort of thing kept happening to me for years.

This meeting up with spirits started when I turned sweet sixteen as they would say it. It started with my ex-girlfriend.

Yup, she and her sister had been messing around with the Ouija board. And guess what happened?

 At first, something was tapping on the window and I could not see who was tapping the window. 

She kept saying I see a skeleton on the TV. The TV but I could not see it. The screen was dark, turned off.

When I opened the door it was too late and she said don’t open it. She was possessed by a spirit.

Forgive me I am not one to abuse no one for no reason. But I had to slap her out of it lol. Not hard lol.

Message To Roboam King Solomon’s Son

That was when I knew nothing about possession but I had it figured out. I had to snap her out of it somehow.

And it worked and of course, she cried and I apologized and hugged her. Anyway as I was saying about this other medium I mentioned at first.

This medium kept getting possessed by so many spirits. Who asked for my help? Why me? I asked them that question.

They said it was because they knew that I was not afraid of them. If it had been anyone else they would have run off scared.

These were of course people who died an unnatural death. But the angels who visited me in her body intrigued me the most. Because they gave me information that I had never heard of before.

And one angel got punished for doing so. They had great respect for me. And kept telling me that I was the chosen one.

One spirit kept calling me master. But they would not tell me anything further. About why and what I was being chosen to do.

I was even blessed with his power. I already made a staff that I had with me. And he infused into me the power by pointing the staff into the sky.

Do you think I am nuts now? Well get this, it will still be hard for you to believe.

When I pointed that staff another time into the sky. I pushed it hard into the sky 5 times in a circle while it was cloudy. A circle and one in the middle. Like a target.

I thought nothing of it till I started seeing 5 holes in the sky in a circle with the one in the middle.

Wow, what a confirmation, it was a good feeling to know God is backing me up for whatever challenge is ahead of me. 

Here is what the staff’s destiny was meant for. This was in South Carolina near Candor around eagle’s pass.

Exposing The Gov. National Parks Deepest Secrets

One evening in 2008, when the sunset, you could look at it because it was not so bright anymore. And I say a star above it in the left-hand corner.

I could tell it was behind the sun. Because the sun’s rays shined on it. And it looked like a giant cross. Its rays spread around the sun so perfectly. My first guess was Jesus was coming.

My second guess was that this was the star the 3 wise men were following. Then I said. OMG! Something is coming this way.

And it is in our solar system. Right away I was looking for a camera and could not find it wow.

My friends, do you suppose that it is what the angle Raphael was preparing me for? This my friends was a test of my faith and I passed with flying colors.

I said to myself, “Is this star going to crash into our planet? No, it is not going to happen, this I said to myself. So, let’s say I pointed the staff at that star.

I moved it to the right side of the sun. Away from it heading our way to avoid impact on the Earth and it worked. We are still here, and it passed between us and the sun already.

Mathew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them. Because of your unbelief. Verily I say unto you. If ye have had the least faith as a grain mustard seed.

Ye shall say unto this mountain. Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall be removed. And nothing shall be impossible unto you.


But Nibiru did pass between us and the sun. And still caused tsunamis, super hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Remember Katrina? Remember the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

I heard that this star had already affected the Earth before. The star was a sign of a new beginning coming soon. It seems that the Earth has its way of cleansing itself.

I found out that the planet is “Nibiru”. The star that the Sumerians call Nibiru, and that the Annunaki came from there.

So, I did my best to warn people about it coming. Many of them debunked me. But it did come out true. It happened.

The Annunaki Discovery

And till this day we are still having more tsunamis, super tornados, and super earthquakes. Not to mention the volcanos erupting.


Now let’s get back to what happened with the Medium.

Satan started to come into her body telling me that my power belonged to him. Then he gave it to me, and he wants it back. I told him that if it belonged to him why did he give it to me? Lol. I clowned him well.

Then he said I will take it from you. And I said go ahead. Let’s see what you got. He used her hand to place it over my heart. Nothing happened at the time.

But guess what? My uncle died that night instead. I felt sad and at the time I was taking pain medicine, and I took 5 of them I wanted to sleep.

So, I did not realize, that I took too much. My friend was listening for a heartbeat, and she would not let me fall asleep. She kept saying Tony wake up wake up. Your heart is not beating!

But guess what again? I fell asleep and I did die and went down to the grave. To visit my uncle. He greeted me and told me he would be okay.

For me to go back. And I saw myself coming out of the grave and back into my body.

I have told you this in one of my posts. As a child, I was about to die of hay fever like a hundred and 5. I started to see the room get smaller and smaller.

Then I asked God to save me from death and I would serve him for the rest of my life. God gave me the power of resurrection over death 5 times already.

This happened to me as a child. When I came back from the dead the first time. I was 5 years old.

You see. You have a destiny too. It is that you need to find it as well. Keep meditating if you are.

Or start meditating and contemplating what God expects out of you too my friends. There is nothing impossible for God to create in your life.

Exposing The Biggest Government Secrets

Remember God looks at the intentions of the heart. Not that you go to church because church is not going to save you, it is a building. You are the temple of God, not the church.

Now back to the devil again.

furthermore, to make this a little short I prayed for her, and he kept coming back to tell me again I owe him my soul.

I told him you took it, remember, and I came back only because it was not your power. It is the power God gave me as a child and you even tried taking it then.

When you were on my roof flapping your wings. Yes, I got you figured out. And now you must go. And stop following me around making my life and others hectic.

So, I went outside because this was the last draw. I grabbed my rooster, and sorry rooster. Thus, I did this to remove Satan from her body.

When I came into the house with the rooster. she immediately froze with fear, and the rooster started screaming bloody murder.

I had to grab the rooster’s neck to quiet him.  And did my prayer thing on her with it. And did my thing.

I put the devil into the rooster and put the rooster outside. I can see the rooster going around in circles. Like he was confused. That is what the devil was trying to do. Was to confuse me and could not.

Now do you believe that God still has Angels at work for you too? Have an open mind and you will see the truth.

Exposing The New World Order

Also, like I said in one of my other posts again. You do not have to be holy to make it to heaven. If God had already chosen, you before birth. You were his from the beginning.

You know, another lost hidden book taken out of the bible. It speaks of the angel helping along his way as well as catching a demon and imprisoning it. It is the Book of Tobit. And you can find it in the Catholic bible.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Thus, if I am not mistaken. It was the same angle Raphiel who helped me as well. How do I know? He told me his name.

Thus, he would not let me know my name from a past lifetime. The book can not be opened. Not yet he said. It was locked.

Wow, I felt like I was part of the prophecies. That is being fulfilled in revelation. What a tremendous feeling it was.

Yes, I know I thought it was a put-on or some kind of game she was putting me on. But when I heard my rooster yell bloody murder. I was sure then that it was not her pretending. She truly possessed.

Do You Believe In Demons, Ghosts, and Spirits?

Now do you believe in ghosts, demons, and angels? They do exist. It is hard to believe, but then again like everyone says. I will believe it when I see it myself.

You will, you will. This is a new age now of all kinds of magic happening in the air at this very moment but we do not feel it. We have to discover it within ourselves.

It is there and only there that you will finally find what you have been looking for. Answers to all your questions that you waited for all your life.

You know I almost said the words in this movie I like. You will know when you reach the final glow. Script from the Last Dragon.

Yet, folks, it is becoming a reality now. We are the true Magi of this world. And we need to go deep into ourselves to find that final glow of our destiny shining upon us. And you may not see it but you can feel it.

So, by me saying we are the Magi. It is because we always have been the high priests of God from the beginning.

We may not know our names from the past. But we can still fulfill what we started in the past if you can figure it out.

Thus, we are the true master wizards of this world. If your destiny is blogging then don’t be afraid to put it to work.

For People Who See Ghosts

I have a cousin who also has seen ghosts. And when she told me that the owner told her that the lady’s husband lived in the house she lived in.

But she kept saying a woman like a bag lady who came to her and extended her arms to her. She woke up her husband to see if he could see her too.

But he could not see her. But she could. I told her that she died there and wanted to be released looking for closer from being a restless spirit.

So I told her to pray for her to release her into God’s light. Spirits that die in a house stay trapped there and need help to be released from it.Just ask God to give them closer and release them from their torment of being a restless spirit.

Of course, this is not the end of my story. I will continue with more in another post.  Take care everyone and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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