Exposing The Governments National Park’s Deepest Secrets

Exposing The Gov. National Park's Deepest Secrets

Exposing the government’s national deepest secrets



The Government’s National Park’s Deepest Secrets

Exposing The Government’s National Park’s Deepest Secrets  I am exposing the secrets our Government has kept from us for thousands of years. The government has also been experimenting with alien, human, and animal DNA.

Our national park’s deep secrets. Are being exposed. By whistle-blowers. And those who worked for the government? I do my best to research and post about the government’s deepest secrets.

Is The Government responsible for monsters in our national parks? I say yes, and it is intentional.  As I said before, our Gov. has been keeping all these deep secrets from us for thousands of years.

For one did you know that Adam had 2 wives? The first is Lilith who left him for Satan. I found this out in one of the lost books of the bible.

Let me rephrase that. The book of Enoch. Is banned from the bible. 

Because they do not want us to figure out their plan to reduce an overpopulated nation. This is why I need to expose the gov.’s deepest secrets. I spoke of this before in one of my other posts.


As I have said before, and I will say it again.

The government has been keeping hard-core secrets from us for thousands of years.


Thus, I want to elaborate on a particular topic. I have heard about all these different kinds of cyrtids and werewolves in our national parks. Where are they coming from?

And what are they? Who created them? The government has been experimenting with humans, aliens, and animal DNA.

Creating all kinds of half-animal and half-human creatures. Like it used to be in the older days of Noah.

When the giants roamed the Earth. In those days the watchers were responsible for the creation of the dinosaurs and hybrid alien giants.

The aliens as we know them to look like. Are the watchers who lost their angelic form. When they defiled themselves with women. Which were their forbidden fruit sort of speak.

Their sin was taking human form to have sex with the daughters of men and brought a curse on themselves.

Who intermingled with the daughters of Adam. Once they saw that Satan did it to Lilith, they made they all gathered together. Made a pack and declared it as an anonymous decision.

Exposing The New World Order

Exposing the new world order

All 200 watchers that God brought forth out of prison according to the intro of the book of Enoch. These were not the Annunaki. They were the two hundred, placed here on Earth. To watch over us. And to serve us.

But they revolted against God. Because they felt that God favored humans more than them. So they became jealous of humans. And took advantage of the women.

In the book of Enoch. They are called the Grigori. So there was a big difference between the height of Adam. But Adam’s normal height would have been like 16 feet.

Like Bashon and Og. But he did not come from the Grigori bloodline which created the Nephilim. This is why it says in the bible.

That we have fallen short of God’s glory. What do you think happened? I’ll tell you what happened.

There was alien DNA mixed in with ours. They experimented with humans like the government is doing now.

Adam was created with alien DNA. To give him a brain to think better and evolve. We were created in God’s image of course.

So, we came from Annunaki not Nephilim according to the books of Enoch.

Moreover, the reason they were in prison. Was because they were possessing the grandchildren of Moses.

And he prayed to God to imprison all. But Satan came to God to plead with him. To at least leave him 200 watchers to help govern the Earth. So, they can continue the punishment of human wickedness.

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They were there because of Noah. But Satan asked God. How is he supposed to govern the earth? And to do his work in punishing the wicked.

Because that was what he put him here on Earth to do in the first place.

The reason why is because God is a God of love not of hate or war. So, this was Satan’s job to punish evil-doers. That is why God sent him here to be the governor of Earth.

Exposing The Government’s National Park’s Deepest Secrets

Thus, this introduction that I am giving this first. This is to help you understand what went on. And how all these mutations.

Were both angelic and human DNA experiments from alien technology.

And now the gov. is copying what they have done in the past all over again. I would not doubt it if there is a real Jurassic Park on a remote Island no one knows about.

They have found Dinosaur bones and all they have to do is abstract the DNA from their bones.

Some creatures were frozen in time, thus making it possible to abstract DNA from them.

They bible states that would happen again before the coming of the end of the world. That these things would happen again.

That giants and creatures would return one day. By genetic engineering alien technology.


re You God’s Chosen?

Are You God's Chosen

Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the son of man. This means it will happen again before the coming of Jesus.

I will start with the origins of the beginning of creation, God created both male and female Genesis 1:27.  Again, according to the book of Enoch Adam’s first wife was Lilith.

It was later that Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs. After Lilith left him for Satan thinking he was God himself in the flesh.

The first wife Lilith was the one who told Adam that God gave her a man-child. Why didn’t Lilith say that God gave her just a child?

Because the man-child was not from God and grew into a man at an exulcerated pace because he was Nephilim. Part Angel and human.

But by Satan who fooled her into believing he was God. By impersonating God’s image to soil his seed and create his race of giants the Nephilim. Starting with the first one, Cain.

Later God brought the flood to destroy all the giants. Including the Dinosaurs living at that time as well. But some survived. This happened because they were cannibalizing humans.

So, God had to do this before they would make the human race extinct. Which was Satan’s plan, to prevent the coming of Jesus.

The Anunnaki Discovery. Who were the Anunnaki? Who was Lilith?

The Annunaki Discovery

This story was told in the bible. It was also told in the book of Enoch. Now I know why they banned the book of Enoch from the bible. They were worshiping many Gods, not just one.

But these Gods were human and angelic offspring of the watchers. Who took advantage of the daughters of Adam.

Remember Adam had generations of offspring before he reached over 950 years old. But he was of Annunaki origin, not Nephilim. And here is another question.

How did he live that long? I’ll tell you how. He was the first hybrid human and alien experiment ordered by God.

And Bigfoot is the missing link believe it or not. I speak of it in one of my other posts. I say this because we did not come from apes. That is an insult to them and us.

Bigfoot has a human face. It is an insult for a scientist to say we came from apes. Therefore, Bigfoot is the only answer.

We have less hair than they do now. And we also have our spirits as they have.

Why A Thirty-Foot Owl At The Bohemian Grove?

Why A Thirty Foot Owl

Genesis 4:6 says. And the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they gave birth to giants.

These giants were the Nephilim. Adam was a huge man not like today he was around 16 feet tall.

Not saying he was Nephilim. People were a lot taller back then till humanity fell from grace. From living a thousand years to less than 120.

Our life expectancy got lower and so did our bodies got smaller. Our DNA got manipulated and made us less likely to live more than 120 years.

They had to do something about reducing an overpopulated world. And you can tell by way of the sacrifice that is happening right now from the government.

There is another sneaky way they are speeding the process. Through our water and food.

Our water because tap water is recycled sewage water. It has over a hundred contaminants, and some of them kill like E. coli.

That comes from animal and human waste.  And in our processed food adding magnesium stearate. That will create bleeding ulcers if you eat too much of it every day.

And medication of taking too much every day. These are just some of the ways our government sneaks dangerous chemicals into our water.

Also in food processed meals to slow down our age. People are dying at a younger age now.

People were taller and lived longer in those days before God shortened our life span.

We do not live as long as they did in those days because of God’s curse upon humans for his disobedience.

So this is why we don’t get to live more than 120. But now even shorter. Moreover, because of our lifestyle of eating processed foods with magnesium stearate.

That will give you bleeding ulcers. And turn into cancer if not treated by a doctor. This is how people are dying at a younger age.

Because of all the chemicals they have been adding to our processed foods and medication. That is just one of the reasons. People lived healthier lives back then.

Back then there were no processed foods. Or medications of this kind. Our ancestors used traditional herbal medicines. But not with chemicals.

So, it is not enough that we are drinking tap water that is full of recycled crap. That kind of water is a disgusting thought and still makes me want to heave at just the thought of it.

The Book of Giants: The Watchers, Nephilim, and The Book of Enoch

But with these other secrets that the government has been hiding from us. This is the beginning of a whole new era of cryptids.

And have been around for a long while, and are now found in our national parks.

The gov. has been experimenting with aliens. Human, and animal DNA since the beginning of the century. Do you think not?

Think again. It is all hidden from us to conceal the real truth of it all. And the real purpose behind it. As in the same crap but a different toilet sort of speak. To kill an overpopulated country.

I have never heard of these kinds of stories till recently since last year. And it has begun to grow. Because these creatures are being created and they are multiplying.

With the gov. releasing them into the deep woods. And most likely from hidden underground bunkers. Where they do their experiments.

I remember several movies about the werewolf and the rest of the monsters of old times on television. But never believed it was real till now.


King Solomon’s 72 Demons

I have heard so many people tell their recent experiences. About encountering creatures in national parks.

This has been happening for thousands of years and most of us do not know it. Because it is their secret. Top Secrets.

Especially the Dog Man or as I would say the modern werewolf. But This type of creature is a very tall 8-foot tall.

A muscular build with dog feet and the head of a wolf or coyote. And the little fur looks like a mangy dog.

The first thought that came to my mind was an image of the Egyptian hieroglyphic. Of a dog-like-looking person holding bows and arrows in battle.

The soldiers of the ancients. Part human and dog men or wolf. They are all from the same dog family. They call it a wolf because it is a wild dog.

There is a chemical that is added to medication and processed foods called Magnesium stearate

And it can cause cancer if you eat too much. 


They describe him as hunched over with a very muscular build at the top and skinny legs. The werewolf origins started in the 16th century.

During that time it was called the loop-guru, loop meaning wolf and guru meaning human. They later called it Rougarou.

There was also the story I heard about the lizard man. I would not doubt that they are still around.

Because lizard man goes as far back as the creation of mankind. These are aliens that came here to Earth.

The zulu history speaks of lizard people who came and brought the moon with them. And put it in perfect orbit in the beginning of creation.

I saw hieroglyphs and pictures of lizard men shaking hands with the Mayan king. 

There is also Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and Chupacabra. Here is a new one I found out recently. The goat man. And now the bear man.

And the rake. All these creatures are experiments, the government was working on creating some kind of military creature for protection as the Egyptians did.

The creature called the rake was pale with large black round eyes, with no nose. Had claws and would rake before attacking. That is why they called it the rake. 


The Rake

As I said people go to national parks and come up missing because they venture into the deep woods.

And you never get to hear from them again or see them ever again. Because they are in some creature’s belly.

All these creatures are created to protect their environment. It is the same as when I told you all about bigfoot which is a product of the Aliens as military protection for their territory. 

I have my share of ghostly experiences and exercising demons from a lady who asked for help.

That’s right I can do that sort of thing. It is done by prayer amongst another secret that I hold I could never tell for now.

But This is why I started to blog. To let people know what I know and to warn what is out there.

 Hey, guess what Mermaids are real too. Makes me want to stay away from the beach.

I have a clip of a baby octopus lipping out of the water on the rocks to snatch a crab and crawl right back into the water with it.

Could you imagine what the mother would do to you if you were there too lol?

And I advise everybody. Please do not go deep into the woods either when you go camping and do not go alone.

I always loved camping as a Boy Scout and on up to Explorer. But now I am careful where I camp at.

 But hearing about all these people going missing in national parks is a bit scary for me to go anymore. I think I would camp somewhere where there are lots of campers instead.

Choose the right place or park and the safe place to go. The world isn’t as safe as it used to be anymore.


The Goat Man

The Goat Man

People have reported a creature coming from under the water crawling out looking like a dog or wolf as it grew larger and stood on its hind legs. That looked like goat legs.

At first, they laughed because they thought how can a dog crawl out from underneath the water? Till they saw how large it was.

 With eyes glowing red and no reflection because they had no flashlight on them. The sun was already setting at this point, and they started to run.

They ran as fast as they could. I would too. But the half-wolf and the goat-like creature did not chase them all the way. 

And again, my friends. These are experiments that the government has been working on and are part of the plan to kill an overpopulated nation.

Some people were scared to tell their stories because of the fear that no one would believe them and think of them as some kind of nut.

So, there you have it. I have been talking about these secrets that the Government has been working on behind our backs for years.

And it is time that I put it out there. And I’ll tell you what this top secret is all about.

The government keeps these secrets because they do not want any other country to know their secret weapons of destruction.

Otherwise, they would copy their technology. The same way everyone else is doing in each country. That is why they send spies to figure out each other’s technology.

But they are using it against us as well. Why? Because it is their way of reducing an overpopulated nation and world. The New World Order.


Exposing The New World Order

Exposing The New World Order

There has been the same story over and over again. When campers met up with the Dog men also known as the Werewolf they were able to shoot to pieces at his face and neck.

They said he was doing a running circle on the ground before it died. You know like one of the 3 Stooges named Curly the bald one who did cartwheels on the floor with his feet lol.

There were other campers also with shotguns shooting point blank at it too. They were told by the government authorities to keep it quiet.

Or they would come after them If any of the photos they took ever got out. They made them delete those photos from their cell phones as well.

It’s not because they do not want panic among the residents. It’s because it is their secret project that they will do anything they can to keep it a secret. Even if it means murder by getting rid of witnesses.

But hey, you know what? I am glad you don’t need silver bullets to kill those werewolves lol.

Any bullet will do okay. And it took a lot of bullets to get that monster down. He was 8 feet tall. If it was up to me I would be aiming between the eyes.

That will do it. But I can understand when someone is scared, they will just shoot anywhere they can while they are trembling.

And here is another thing I really believe is going to happen. These creatures are super-powerful half-human and animal creatures that will kill and eat humans and animals.

This is why people will never be found. They are in some beast’s belly. There is a reason why the sign at the Appalachian trial says “Please Stay On The Same Path.

In other words, do not venture into the deep woods because you will never be found again.

My Short Experience Building a Website

You can at least scare a bear off with noise. But these creatures are not scared of anything.

We also have the Bear Man, and these are not failed experiments. They intend to create war-like flesh-eating creatures for military protection as well.

But again they have been releasing the super creatures into the woods to kill us. So, please do not go camping deep into the woods. I am more than sure that God will protect his chosen.

But do not tempt the Lord thy God the bible says. In other words, don’t expect god to send an angel to save you if you get in front of a running truck. That is what tempting the lord God means.

You are invisible by His grace not by your choice. For instance, I was riding along with my 2 friends in a car and we went to the south side. We got ambushed with gunfire unexpectedly three shots were fired.

I was on the passenger side. The driver got shot in the throat and the other one was meant for me.

But those bullets missed me by one inch and hit the door, shattering the glass. We were able to drive him to the hospital and he got his throat repaired with a plastic one.

But I knew that God was protecting me because all those bullets passed right by my heart. And I realize right now and I keep saying to myself.

Even though I am not a materialistic rich man, I know that I am rich in life, and as long as I have a long life by God’s plan that is good enough for me. My life and good health are a priority.

I am rich in God’s power. He gave me several gifts besides the gift of healing with prayer.

I will tell you that one in my next post, just remind me if I forget. Oh, you are in for the story about my life. My past life was no joke, I went through hell and back.


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Anyway, another experience I had with an exorcism that I did not even try but think of God, and speak to him in my mind.

Never let the devil or demons hear your innermost prayers and secrets out loud.

Pray in the closet of your mind as the bible says. So that no evil spirit will try to intercede to make you fail.

Remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against the principalities and wickedness of this world.

 But back to the creature thing in the woods. And believe me, this is part of the new world order plan to bring down an overpopulated country.

They are saying that an overpopulated world will eat itself out of extinction.


Exposing The Government’s National Park’s Deepest Secrets

But like I said before in one of my other posts. The Earth is doing that already by recycling itself every year.

With all these super hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, etc.

So, them telling us we got to reduce population because they received a word from the aliens is a bunch of malarkey and mambo jumbo. And let me tell you my next post is about just that.

The plain truth about King James hiring biblical scholars to remove words and books from the bible in the 16th century coming soon.

They also burned one scholar’s remains after his death. Because they were afraid that his spirit would live on in someone else’s body. Because he told the truth. But of course, that did not work. Because I am still here lol.

There is such a thing as reincarnation my friends. The spirit never dies. No one can kill a spirit by burning the body. It moves on according to God’s plan.


Message To Roboam King Solomon’s Son

Message to Roboam


Back to the beast of the field

These sorts of super half-human and half-beasts are hard to kill. I heard of some creatures that bullets don’t stop it. Bigfoot is one of them. Bullets will only make him mad and jump right on top of you before you can shoot again.

Bigfoots are protected by aliens who are their guards to stop intruders from venturing into their underground camp.

Bigfoot would take a giant leap at you before you shoot him again. Very fast and agile type of ape people. With arms that reach below their knees.

And a muscular build like the Incredible Hulk. But they rank! I hope I never come across Bigfoot or Ms. Bigfoot for that matter. 

They rank something like dead rotten flesh mixed in with awful body order. I imagine it is everything from his arms pits, and his crotch to down to his toe jams.

Just hope you are not on the other side of him when he bends over, “Peeuuuuu.” I would be saying “Dude” go jump in the river and take a serious bath”!!!

Like, gag me with a fork!!! Here! use some of my Irish spring maybe that will get the funk off, ewwwwww. Please do not bend over this way again.


That is an awful stench and if I was to smell something that bad. And if it makes me gag. I am surely going to start running in the other direction with the quickness and get out of its territory.

I surely do not want a rock hitting me on the head ouch. Nor a tree getting thrown at me. They have the strength to snap a 6-inch branch with one hand. And can reap an animal or person apart with ease.

They do have that much strength. I believe they were the first to be created for military alien protection from anyone entering their territory. So, by saying that. They have been here for millions of years since the beginning of creation.

In those days they had other different types of alien enemies fighting for Earth’s territory. Like the lizard people, long-neck tall aliens, 3-foot aliens, the star child aliens, etc.

There are many more that we do not know of. And by now hopefully, you already know that the moon is hollow. Nasa let one of its spacecraft crash into the moon.

And when it crashed hard, It rang like, a giant gong like a bell would ring. And it rang for hours they said. Nothing solid would ring like a bell. Thus, that makes it an unnatural satellite.

But back to my camping thoughts. Does anyone still feel like camping in the deep woods is wise? It’s okay to go camping when you go to a special camping park that is protected by park rangers. But if you must go to a national park.

 Don’t go to Yellowstone where there are bears and creatures. I would think twice about that one. A spot that is somewhere near a police station and hospital would be safer for me. But where there are bears, I will not go.

 Yes, camping used to be lots of fun. With a campfire telling each other’s dreams and experiences.

Ghost stories, you name it. Oh, I have a few ghost experiences to tell you as well. But again coming soon in another post. 


Where Does The Appalachian Trail Begin and End?

Appalachian Trail

Do Not Hike the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail travels through Appalachian valleys and mountain ranges. It starts from Georgia to the northern terminus at Katahdin, Maine. This is a very spooky and dangerous trail to go hiking or camping at. Never go there.

Because there are too many dog-man creatures in there. Not to mention bigfoots,  goat man, Bear man, and crawling on land octopuses. Believe it or not, those are the gov.’s intentional experiments. If you go into their territory you will come up missing forever.

 I wouldn’t go hiking anywhere in the deep woods or at that place. I’ll just stay on the safe side of town where people are. If I go fishing, I’ll probably go to Galveston Island at a pier and go fishing.

Or at a small lake or stream maybe even a river.  I used to catch alligator garfish at the Nueces River in TX.  And they are delicious, all I did was BBQ it and it needed no seasoning. Had its salt like eating a salmon steak. And I used to go boating.


King Solomon’s 72 demons

King Solomon's Testament

But as I said before too many creatures have been coming up from the waters lately as well like mermaids. I’ll have my binoculars ready when I go fishing and camera. You never know what you will come across.

 Guess what? I have a newscast video of a baby octopus leaping out of the water so fast snatching a crab crawling right back into the water with it. What about the mother?

She must be nearby waiting to snatch a little boy or girl. And this on the rocks they can hide there in little cracks and holes.

 So, watch your kids very closely when you take them to the beach. Don’t let them go near the rocks if any are out there. This is how a lot of people come missing on the beach.

 Yes, sunbathing on the rocks is not a good idea lol.  When I saw how fast and high the octopus jumped out of the water to snatch that crab, it made me think twice about the mother Where is she? lol.


How To Cure Food-Borne Illness

I know most mothers are near their babies and I hope this is not so with octopuses’.

I think that baby octopus was mimicking his mother lol. So, be careful out there on the rocks people. I could say boulders, but it depends on where you are at.

Is the government also experimenting with octopuses like another story I heard of one from a lake who snatched this dude by the legs. After going to see what was on the side of the road. In a little ditch of water?

 He said it was too strong to escape its grip on him, but he managed to hit it with a rock between those big bulgy popping-out black eyes, they were huge. Like a crab’s, eyes popping out.

That is weird and it doesn’t sound like a normal octopus to me. And living on land? I’m sure there must be a lake or river somewhere nearby.

He said it had 30 feet long tentacles and his head was huge. And I wouldn’t doubt it if that is a true story. The government has been doing these kinds of experiments for years. Take the Chupa Cabra where did it come from? Space? Nah., I don’t think so. It is genetically engineered to suck blood like a vampire. It might be spliced with vampire bat DNA. 

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Meaning they can survive on land as well. I am talking about experiments. And normally I don’t think octopuses can live on land. But again that’s another red flag. I stay away from deep lakes. Or huge lakes. I like little ponds, a stream or a pier.

 I have a warning for the Government. If you ever or already have. And decided to capture a child bigfoot. And try to teach it how to speak and become intelligent like us.

I believe they have far better learning capabilities than we have. Because they are supernatural beings. And they might be capable of learning how to become an enlightened person. What do you think is going to happen?

Exposing The Government’s National Park’s Deepest Secrets

I’ll tell you what might happen if their experiment goes wrong. Because Bigfoot is an incredibly strong creature. Now. I am not trying to give them any ideas but if they were to teach them the art of war. That could turn against them. If they become more populated than us. Then what?

 A real planet of the Apes will be born. It is only my theory, but it is a dam good one because they would be defeating humanity in numbers if they become overpopulated. Because they are also part human remember that.

I truly believe it would be a remarkable experiment if Bigfoot could live comfortably with humanity. But there is still that possibility of their animal instinct kicking in. Just like humans can be dangerous animal killers. It will be so with Bigfoot as well. There is an animal instinct in all of us isn’t there?

Bigfoot is not fully human. Therefore. no one knows how to figure out what their next move will be if they are fully capable of making war with humans or not. What does the elephant do when a zookeeper whips them or doesn’t treat them with respect?

 They turn on him and try to crush him. Because elephants have feelings too. All creatures have feelings too. You are safe if a pit bull is taught to be a good dog and not violent.

But when a master trains his pit bull to fight, be angry, and attack. It can turn on him as well when being mistreated.

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The same thing when you train any other animal how to fight or kill. It can and will end up turning on you if you mistreat it. Take a lion trainer. It ate him because he forgot to feed it one day. I am stressing out a point.

So, as far as teaching bigfoot the art of war is out. Nothing that is not human should learn the art of war. Part of humans doesn’t get it.

I wish they would work on a Superman rather than a super creature man. But I bet they have been working on that already. But then again Superman would have to be cambial to carry on with the New World Order plan.


Exposing The Government’s National Park’s Deepest Secrets

So, all those that are trying to track down Bigfoot to prove its existence is no longer necessary. He is real and people stop trying to track him and leave him alone. They want to be left alone.

Why do you think they keep throwing rocks and tree trunks at us?  Just don’t go into their territory if you do not want to get reap apart. You might get lucky and just get kidnapped out of curiosity.

But who wants to go through that? Could you imagine being in a cave all smelly like that “Whew” I heard a story of that happening once and the person finally gave Bigfoot some of his snuff and Bigfoot ate it lol.

He started to cough and gag so badly that gave the man the chance to run out of that cave and escape and live to tell his story.

Wow, could you imagine a soon-to-come planet of bigfoot apes? People I hope you enjoy my little conversation with you. And to all my fans I thank you for your support and your beautiful compliments. I will keep updating this content now and then. To improve its originality.


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