How To Cure Food Poisoning

How To Cure Food Poisoning

How To Cure Food Poisoning

Get Rid Of The Pain

How to cure food poisoning.  Millions of people get foodborne illness every year. In this article, I am going to explain some of my experiences with food-borne illnesses.

The first advice to everyone is to never leave cooked food out for more than 2 hours. After 2 hours it can be a minute after it won’t matter.

It will start getting spoiled and still get you sick to your stomach and cause an infection in your intestines when it gets worse.

I used to be a cook at restaurants, and I know for a fact. That food needs to be refrigerated at a temperature of 40 degrees and lower. Anything higher than 40 will get spoiled.

Many times, I have left food on the stove and gone to sleep. Sometimes I get up too late to put up the food before it gets spoiled.

When you are like me that do not like letting food go to waste, that is what happens. You get food borne illness because it may not smell like it is spoiled but it is.

You get sick if you do not listen to yourself telling you that the food is spoiled even thou it does not smell spoiled.

The last time I cooked it was around close to bedtime. It was a full pot of chicken soup with four big pieces of chicken breast. I ate a plate and left it on the stove to cool off. But I fell asleep and woke up the next morning.

That pot I had to throw away even thou I hated to let it go to waste. But I knew if I ate it I was going to pay for it dearly lol.

And believe me, if you eat it you will get peptic ulcers from it as well. This is very painful on your lower intestines and at times you can bleed heavily from the ulcers.

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If you do not go to the emergency room, you can die from it. People die from it when it turns into cancer.

I have learned to be my own doctor. I have studied and looked up so much information on how to cure myself with homemade remedies and I have succeeded in being my doctor. Because for one when you go to the emergency, you have to wait for hours to get looked at. And while you are waiting you are in a fetus position on the chair cramping like hell.

Cramping painfully
 Cramping painfully

And feeling like I was dying internal. Not to mention will make you moan because of the severe pain. This guy saw how much pain I was in waiting next to him.

And he said you know what I don’t need a doctor I am leaving and let this guy go before me. That was very thoughtful of him. You don’t find many thoughtful people out there no more now  days.

This is why I Learned to be my own doctor, because I got rid of the pain within 30 minutes. Just by doing the little technique I experiment with.

You can call me Doctor Tony. Because I know so much now about how to get myself in better shape. And in good health. Why?

I am at the age that I must do my best to take care of myself. The doctor gives you medicine to treat your symptoms. But that does not cure the problem.


Homemade Food Borne Remedy

This is what I do when I get foodborne illness, also known as food poisoning.

I mean soon as I start feeling the sting in my lower left bowel. I already know that it is what it is. And I do not give it a chance to get worse. If I do, blood will start to come out with in the stool.

And even when that happened like 2 weeks ago and today . Boy, I am a glutton for punishment at times lol.

Drink a cup of prune juice first. This will coat your stomach for the other step. Then take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of alkaline water if you can. Drink it.

Then rinse the cup. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to another cup of water. Drink it down.

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In around 15 to 20 minutes the pain will start to subside a little. Around thirty minutes the pain should be gone. But if it is not then you waited too long to treat it and go ahead to the emergency room.

Now what the prune juice and apple cider vinegar is going to do is make you go the bathroom. But if you got through eating it won’t happen. You have to wait till the morning to do it again. But this time only the apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

Apple cider vinegar is always good to flush out your system. And believe me when you take enough of it. It will come out like water at the end.

The next morning I cut a little piece of Aloe vera pealed it and ate it. This is a miracle plant, and will heal your bleeding ulcers. You can eat about a gram every day for 2 or 3 weeks.

Do not do that to much because it can also make you sick to your stomach if you eat to much of it. Like every thing else we eat that will  hurt you. We got to watch how much of anything we eat.

When you finally go the bathroom, what a relief. All those little, tiny round-looking stool pebbles are the most toxic ones. I call them sugar babies lol. Those came out before they came up with M&Ms. They will come out last. Everyone has these bubbles in their lower intestines.

And food gets trapped in there and will get toxic enough to give you gastrointestinal disease. That is because some people never give themselves a laxative. To flush your system out. That is what the apple cider and banking soda will do.

Believe me that the color of your stool matter a lot. When it is light brown you are in good health. When you get constipate and it looks black. That is when you need to give your self a good enama or a laxitive.

That is what the doctor told me about these bubbles and drew a picture of it for me to see. While I was at the hospital to get a colonoscopy.

In these bubbles some stool gets trapped there until it gets toxic and turn into gastric ulcers that can becomes worse.

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Wow, that was painful. They scraped the inside of my bowels. I went to the bathroom and skin with blood came out. I even took a picture of it in case I needed to file a lawsuit. My right bowels were hurting for a good while.

This is why I do not like getting a coloscopy if I can prevent it like I have many times already with this remedy I created for myself.

Now I am sharing it with you. And guess what? I have not gone to get another colposcopy for 3 years now. I use to go every year.

And I have been doing this for years now before apple cider vinegar came out. I told many doctors how I did it.

And I would not doubt it if that is how it originated on the net. But thank God everything I share sparks a fire of tongues. In other words, as the bible says. The tongue spreads like fire very quickly.

But I have even gone farther with my doctoring myself. You see, I have discovered that penicillin can heal bronchitis as well. And I used it for myself. I heard that an old lady used to buy it for her personal use.

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Thus, I did not know if it would work for me, but I tried it. You must know how much to use in a syringe by reading the instructions if you are going to inject it.

Some people use the pills. I prefer the injection into my hip because it is a lot faster. Thus, I did that before I took the apple cider vinegar as well. It’s good for infections.

I do not advise anyone to take penicillin. I am not a licensed physician. But I am my own doctor, treating only myself.

And that was good enough for me. After 30 minutes the pain was gone. And I healed up that quickly.

And here is another remedy I have for you. I drink Cat Claw. This is an herb that cures cancer. It comes in tea bags, powder, pill, and Extract form.

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Thus, this was also said to help you live a longer life. This old man who died at the age of 121 drank it every day of his life.

That is what they found in his system to see what he ate that helped him live longer. Need I say more?


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