Ways To Heal Osteoarthritis

Ways to Heal Osteoarthritis
Ways To Heal Osteoarthritis



Ways To Heal Osteoarthritis

Ways that you can to heal Osteoarthritis
It is the sciatic nerve in the back of the hip. Thus, has five nerves connected to it and goes all the way down the back leg.

Down to the bottom of your feet. That is the worst pain I have ever gone through.

And it took me a while to find this supplement which made me amazed at what it can do in just a couple of weeks till I finished the bottle.

The sciatic pain is gone. I will also include other supplements that are even working better now as you read on.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a form of joint disease.

That is a chronic, degenerative disorder. Which results from biochemical breakdown of the cartilage in the synovial joints.

The symptoms tend to develop gradually, including joint aches, stiffness and swelling.


Ways to heal osteoarthritis
Ways to heal osteoarthritis

Treatments are to reduce pain and disability a lifestyle change of diet, therapies, exercise that will include a lifestyle And surgery, but I highly not recommend that not even for myself.

There are other options. Like a search I did for what kind of vitamin supplements if any that can regenerate cartilage.

Thus, I succeeded in many ways. First, I came across the one called Golden revive and used the whole bottle. And I so some results of the pain going away slowly but surely.

Plus, I started exercising again doing squats but not to many that would hurt me, just enough to rebuild some muscle lost.

Why? Because of muscle lost. Your muscles will determinate if you do not exercise.

Well, when you sit on a bed without a back rest like a chair or recliner. Your back starts to get out of Whack a little from typing and hunching typing, blogging for 3 years.

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Osteoarthritis is no joke, it will put you out of commission for a few months, believe me I am a witness and it hit me hard. Many restless nights whew.

Thank God it is over now that I went to the management pain doctor and had a steroid shot injected into my hip yesterday and one on my left knee today with an extra layer of gel.


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That was two shots. And that did the trick. Those shots are expensive unless you have good insurance with 0-dollar co pay like I do.

The most expensive ones are two more. Hyaluronic acid, and PRP Plasma injections where they take some of your blood and remove all over blood cells except the plasma cells and inject that right back into you.

That one is the most expensive. Used for kids that have muscular dystrophy.


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 I love my work and enjoy creating new content for my audience because they ask for it. So, I am back now and It has been like almost 5 months since I had this osteoarthritis hip pain.

All my joints were hurting and the doctor told me that this is the result from my first back accident in 1990.

When a crane ran over my foot twice. He was almost off my foot going forward and almost killed me when i tried to jump aside from it after it touched me from behind.


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But it grabbed my jeans and there was no escape. The left part of my foot got crushed slowly. Felt like a torturing pain but worse. It was unbearable pain.

The reason I said it ran over my foot twice was because it was almost off my left foot moving forward. And some idiot in front came thought he was saving the day and made hand movements to go back. I yelled and said no no no . Go forward it was almost off my foot.

But it rolled back till it was off my foot. And of course like a chicken who bounces around with their head cut off. That is what was happening to me.

And I can’t believe I was in so much pain that I asked if any one has a gun shoot me in the head. That is how much pain my foot was in.


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Then I felt i was going to bleed to death, so I said this is for you Jesus, you bled for me now I will bleed for you. So, take me now, but God was not ready for me yet. It took 10 men to hold me down. Then to make things a little worse.

The dude that was cutting the steal toe boot off my foot accidently sniped my middle toe at the tip and they could not save the toe nail so the sewed it back up.


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Oh I yelled alright and I told them your cutting off a tiny piece of the top of my toe. Which they said it was not enough meet to sow it back on. 

Shoot by that time I was bleeding to death. So, the idiots called the ambulance instead of the helicopter to rush me to the hospital. And when I arrived at the hospital and went under surgery. I died and came back to life. How I knew I died and they did not tell me.

I was scratching a scab off my chest that was on my heart area. It started bleeding a lot and I put the bandage back on. They had giving a shot in the heart to revive me thank God.

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I saw an angel with beautiful green eyes and she was a female angle in disguised as a beautiful black woman telling me that I have beautiful hazel eyes and everything is going to be alright.

And I said thank you. I had never seen such beauty in any female in my life. She had long wavy and curly hair.

That is why I figured it out that she was an angel sent by God to comfort me and give me strength to survive the angel of death the grim reaper was around the corner waiting on me.

And I went under I guess that was the point I died. This is the power of God at work, he gave me the power over death. The power of resurrection.

When I was a child about to die. When I asked him  to save me and I will server you for the rest of my life.


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And I died and came back the next morning. God is not ready for me to die in this life time because I have been keeping my promise even thou I never said I promise that I would serve him for the rest of my life and I am doing just that.

And I feel good about it. He has giving me so much power to heal with prayer as well.  And more talents I have not shared with you yet. All that is in one of my posts called Are you God’s Chosen?

Back to the Sciatic pain where I was saying that even my wrist from typing so much all these years was hurting. Guess what that is what  made me look for ways to heal that too.

But I found out that as you get older your body does start deteriorating. And yesterday the doctor told me that my bones are getting thinner and wants to help me fix that by sending to a bone specialist on bone density.

All in all I am being taking care of by my new family doctor. Who knows more about medicine then all the other doctors I’ve seen put together. Dr. Rafael. We have a better understand now.


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He said he can prescribe me Tylenol 4 and that was a good enough response to prove he does care and he is a good doctor. Not like the ones just seeing dollar signs but don’t care what king of pain you are going through.

And won’t give narcotics because they are to chick poop and scared to lose their license when that was a bunch of malarkey. Because my insurance company had already assured me that any doctor can prescribe narcotics if they want too. If you find a doctor that acts like that he does not trust you.

That is when it is time to fire them and get a second opinion. Another thing that made me change doctors was because I caught all of them lying to me.


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I do not trust doctors who do not trust me. Or stereo type me for the way I look. I have long hair like Jesus and the tribe he came from all had long hair the Nazarenes. And keep it on a pony tail, but having long hair is a preference and does mean you are a drug addict.

Now I can assure you that this was the cause of my typing and working hard for your guys to read more interesting articles about my life experiences. And what is going on in this world today about our government’s deepest secrets.

Wow remember I told you in another post be careful what you do for yourself or to yourself because when you overdo it, you will suffer for it. Meaning that anything you do to much can and will hurt you.

Not to mention the back pain I had already going through for many years now. That contributed to the pain even worse. Neck pain and shoulder pain.

And to make things worse, I fell on my  back on a corner of a table. A little round corner and hurt myself again. After being done with that sciatica pain. Lord have mercy I said, not again? Lol.

Oh, it’s funny now but it wasn’t too funny then cause it hurt like hell lol. I went to get another X-Ray of my lower rib to make sure it was not fractured. See what God’s people go through. And again, thank God my lower rib was not fractured.


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“Oh my” I have to be more careful at my age. I am starting to feel the weight of the planet on my entire body. When you get older if you stop exercising believe me you will deteriorate bone and muscle lose.

Thank God. I found one doctor that was allowed to prescribe me some opioid medicine. I took 2 and call me in the morning and not only did it knocked out the pain but me too. It knocked me out to go beddy bye for sure. It felt like finally no more pain.

Okay but once again not to get off track. The other supplement a combination of two ingredients. It is called Glucosamine and chondroitin plus MSM with vitamin D3.

That is going to regenerate your cartilage on all your joints. And I feel it working already. It also reduces the inflammation of your joints guaranteed. That one is was a whole lot better. But there area also more that can help your joints out there.



Joint Support – with Glucosamine, Turmeric, Boswellia, MSM

US Care joint support contains all of the essential ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Turmeric extract and Boswellia extract.

This robust formula was designed to relieve joint pain, discomfort and inflammation. Pros: contains all the essential ingredients, with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, manufactured in the USA, lab tested for potency and label accuracy



The plant that is used in herbal practices. That gained attention for its potential benefits in supporting joint and bone structure.


Curcumin is an active compound in turmeric, that is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant substances. And this was what I found in the first supplement Golden revive that I ordered from Amazon.

Many people use turmeric supplements to reduce joint pain. Curcumin will help reduce inflammation and relieve stiffness and joint pain.


Arthritis Knee Pain Center Bellaire Tx

6700 West Loop South  suite 225

When I visited my family in Bellaire Tx I came across the best pain management relief pain center that made a big difference for my knees. Dr. Pow is a very nice respectable doctor who really cares for her patients. She treated me with kindness and respect and was precise in explaining everything about my knee.

This is an actual picture of my knee that she allowed me to take of the injection she was giving me. It is not a very clear pic because of the monitor reflecting the ceiling light and background walls of the room. But it is showing the needle entering my knee. No pain she numbed the knee with a cold spray that numbed my knee and I felt no pain when the needle went in. If you need to get a shot in the knee like I did this is the place to get it from. 


What Poor Posture and tight cloths can do to your body

If you are experiencing numbness and cramps in your legs, or any part of your body. You are having poor blood circulation.

This will be the reason for poor blood circulation. If you are wearing tight pants or jeans all the time. Or any kind of tight sucks or stockings.

This will cut off some of your blood circulation. Developing not only poor circulation but will prevent your Lymphatic system from working properly.

Plus, studies have shown that maintaining poor posture for prolonged periods can contribute to the development of conditions like deep vein thrombosis and peripheral artery disease.

In addition, poor posture can also affect the Lymphatic system. That is a group of organs, vessels and tissues that protect you from infection and keep your fluids in a healthy balance throughout your entire body.

Golden Revive + Joint Support Supplement with Quercetin and Magnesium

Turmeric Supplement – 6 Active Ingredients for Joint and Muscle Care – 60 Capsules


Lymphatic system organs include bone marrow, thymus and lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes are a sign of common infections.

like strep throat, but also more serious diseases like cancer. It is a vital part of your Immune system that collects excess fluid from your body’s tissue and returning it to your bloodstream.

This will support healthy fluid levels in your body. The Lymphatic system also filters out the waste and abnormal cells from your fluids.

So keep in mind that it is not always good to wear anything tight around your body or legs for long periods of time.

Fruits and Vegetables That Are Anti-inflammatory

Watermelon, Berries, Grapes, Raw red onions but only a half a day.  Black berries, Apples, Pineapple, Broccoli,  Wild Salmon, Flex seeds, Bone broth. Beets,  Leafy greens, Black beans, a teaspoon a day of virgin olive oil. Green beans, Bell pepper, peas, squash,  Avocado,  Mushrooms,  Cheek peas, Lentils. Skim milk, Mackerel, Trout, Crab, Sardine, Shrimp, Tuna, Turkey lean.  Brown rice,  celery, chives,  Oats. Organic spinach, Sauerkraut, and soar cream.


My Recipe that I created for me and now I will share with you. This is a anti-inflammatory vegetable soup.  Take any left over chicken bones to make broth with it first.

Then boil them with. Chick peas, broccoli, garlic, mushrooms, squash, zucchini and any kind of leafy greens. I love organic spinach myself. Or collard greens, and they say mustered greens contains more antioxidants.


Try not to over boil the vegetables. I like making mine soft but a little crunchy. Usually depending the sized pot your making. I boil it for at least 30 to 35 minutes. Oh, by the way I use to be a five star chef and helped with creating new dishes for our customers in Florida.

Don’t forget to use a little sauerkraut on the side of your dish that is also high in antioxidants. Good luck every body.

Yours truly always there to help with any questions you may have.


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It said If you do not join you get to keep your free website you built at no charge. But I got hooked to their affiliate program because there was a contest to win a trip to Las Vegas with them to a convention party.

This is what they teach you in those free videos for 7 days. You get to learn as much as you can if you stick to it all day and all night learning and learning.. And refreshing your memory each time you go back to see the same video if you missed something. Coding was the one that impressed me the most.

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It is made easy with WordPress. I mean it comes ready made with what ever theme you chose for your website. Next they giving 24 more free website and you only pay for the Domain name per year like around 15 to 17 dollars.

Now I could not find a deal like this anywhere else so I jumped into the game. And never gave up even though there were haters along the way telling I did not know blah blah blah.

Just to put me on their level of thinking lol. But that did not work. I did not let that affect me because I knew I had it in me to blog about what every I knew and wanted.

I told them I was going to blog about their behavior one day and I did on Tonyspurificationsystem.com. Where I created only one post. And got Google AdSense pay-per-click ads on my website WOW! After 2 years of paying for their service.

I made it by completing my job to get the service for free afterwards because that was the deal.  That is awesome. Because it gives me the chance to keep blogging and making history.


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