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Benefits Of Water Purification
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Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water Purity System


The benefits of drinking alkaline water is very nutritious to our bodies and will clean your entire system. In addition will remove acidic cells that are in your body. It is always best to have a reverse osmosis water system purifier.


Thus, when you buy plastic bottles for your dispenser, look for the kind with the little red label saying BPA Free.

Moreover, studies and research show that bottled water is not safe to drink. The plastic bottle is ‘made with a chemical compound called BPA. Bisphenol-A, which will leak into the water if left in a hot car or storage area. Tap water holds over a hundred contaminants, to name a few.


Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

Tankless RO Water Filtration Systems


Therefore, completing and maintaining a sophisticated reverse osmosis machine would cost them thousands of dollars. ‘This has always been the problem with our economy. The company cannot afford a reverse osmosis system. Thus, will not be willing to pay for maintenance every six months or so. Thus ‘Saving the company money the cheap way by using chemicals.


And this gives us a good reason to test the water before consumption. This city’s underground pipe had to be ‘replaced. ‘Because it had gotten clogged up with calcium and magnesium. ‘These pipes are so old some are a hundred or more years old. And we should have a mandatory rule to replace these pipes.


Now let’s talk about our city water suppliers’ underground pipes. ‘If you look at the awful picture of that underground city pipe, look. You can tell it is full of calcium, magnesium, and all the metals I have mentioned above.


Thus, As you can see, they only replace these pipes when they clog up. How would they know when to replace them? Now let’s talk about our water suppliers’ underground pipes. Here is an example of how long it takes them to replace underground pipes. ‘Till they are no longer functional or clogged up with calcium and magnesium. Including corroded pipes.

Calcium, And Magnesium

These pipes are so old some are a hundred or more. And our city’s drinking water pipes are contaminated by recycled sewage water. Thus, the water that they have been producing for us to drink is a disgusting thought. Besides, who wants to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces. Yuk! And contaminants like arsenic, E-Coli, can cause severe foodborne illnesses that will kill.


Furthermore, the chemical tests show that bottled water turns yellow because it is acidic. And it does not matter the brand name of the bottled water. First of all, plastic bottled water is acidic. Second, they say you can boil water and ‘it will kill the bacteria. But the bacteria are still dead in your water.


In addition, the chemicals that bleached the water are also still there. And by boiling the water will also multiply the metals in your water. ‘Like magnesium, iron, and calcium. Some contaminants are not removable. Boiling water will only kill the “nutrients” of the water. And multiply the metals that are already in the water. And chemicals will remain in the water.


A reverse osmosis water purifier. Will produce pure alkaline water with a ph. Level’ that reaches from 7 to 14 on the alkaline scale. Besides, it is not only nutritious to drink but will also flush out your entire system. ‘Including your kidneys. And will also kill all acidic cells, housing cancer cells to grow. All “bottled water” is acidic and ‘not pure enough for human consumption. Thus, nothing can be no better than having your purification system. And will save you lots of money from ever buying bottled water again.

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Water Purification Methods

Water purification systems do what they say they do. Purify your water to the highest alkaline level on the alkaline scale. Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that will not only remove contaminants. But the metals and chemicals as well. And are you expecting us to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces? When I found this out, I was thinking back to the days. I used to drink water out of the hose. I never had the slightest idea whether the water was safe or not.


And I hope they did not recycle sewage water back then. Nowadays, you have to test everything to make sure it’s safe. Even contaminated streams from cattle crossings. That will develop an infectious disease called E-Coli. And that is also found in tap water because the city recycles sewage water. So that we can drink? No way.



Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis System, Tankless, 600 GPD,


The farming industry uses herbicides and other chemicals. That is also contaminating the groundwater. That is why having a purification system is the best thing to own. You would have made the best decision to get a reverse osmosis system. Purifying your water is better than drinking bottled water. It will protect you against bacteria. Including E-Coli a severe pathogen disease. That comes from animal and human waste. Most industries and commercial businesses use them as well.





These chemicals and contaminants remain in the water. And dangerous to your health. Sewage water has a disease called E-Coli, which comes from animal and human waste. Plastic is ‘made with a ‘chemical called BPA to give the plastic its firmness. Leaving your water inside a ‘hot car will overheat. And the BPA will ‘leak into the water. Thus, it has proven to give you cancer. Therefore, it is not safe to drink. 

The chemical test on this bottled water turned yellow because it was acidic. But, alkaline water will turn purple or blue depending on its alkalinity. Therefore, all bottled water is acidic. The acidic cells will be removed from your body when drinking alkaline water. Thus, protecting you from getting cancer because acidic cells attract cancer cells. That will eventually start growing larger and larger. 


Furthermore, alkaline water will remove all acidic cells from your body. And flush out your kidneys. Moreover, investing in a ‘Reverse osmosis water purifier. Will come with easy installation instructions. You will never need to buy any more bottled water. Thus, filtration systems will remove all inorganic minerals. But, not the bacteria and contaminants.


And again, like I said before. Plastic is ‘made with a ‘chemical called BPA. To give the plastic its firmness. It is also the so-called protective inside layer of bottles. Besides, tap water is worst because of the hundreds of contaminants it holds. Drinking alkaline water is the best thing that you can have. Not only to boost your energy. But to bring you back to optimizable health.


Some restaurants do not use reverse osmosis as well. And you have to be careful about that too. Because’ they cook with tap water. And Ice water is nothing more than tap water. Like I said before. A reverse osmosis system would be best for your family’s health. So, be careful where you eat because foodborne illness and bacterial disease are nothing to take chances on.

Owner: Anthony
Owner’s Website: Puritysystem.com
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