Benefits Of Water Filtration

Benefits Of Water Filtration
Benefits Of Water Filtration


Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

‘Benefits of water filtration systems’. Reverse osmosis has sand and carbon filters that will remove all contaminants, and produce alkaline water. Purity System gives you good informational news, if not the best information for you to know.

So, get ready for the absolute truth in health and wellness progress as well as my other blogs about the Government’s deepest secrets. And the past history that we got lied about. I have got to reveal that will practically blow your mind. In most cases, I look for information on how to do searches. Oh by the way Columbus never discovered America. Some people had already colonized Egypt believe it or not.

With answers that will help with health-related issues. And I am also a philosopher in spiritual matters that pertain to this world. I love mystery, and discovering the plain truth. That is the only way I like to enjoy my reading. I am a seeker of the truth in all matters of life.

Knowledge and wisdom come from God and no other. I always have the zeal to learn and share with others who are like me. This is my way of reaching out to my people and the world.

Letting others know the secrets that have been kept from us by the gov. Guest what we are never too old to learn more each day of our lives. Close-minded people who think they know it all because they went to college.

And having a doctor’s or master’s degree does not know the philosophies about life and experience that I learned throughout my life experience now. Experience is the best teacher about life in itself.

And college books don’t teach you about life and the secrets of life in itself. I also look for the history that has been hidden from us. To say it bluntly, I love exposing the truth about it all.


New E-Coli Update

The flood in Baltimore Caused E-coli contamination throughout the city’s water supply. (9/13/22). Thus, I have mentioned this before. The city water treatment and sewage treatment centers fail to realize this. That E-Coli comes from animal and human waste.

Furthermore, all water treatment centers recycle sewage water. For us to drink? That is why it is always wise to use a reverse osmosis system. Regardless of floods or none. To purify your water from E-Coli contamination, amongst other contaminants.

And remember what I said about bottled water. It is no longer safer than tap water. ‘Because I did a chemical test on practically all bottled water. And it turns yellow. An indication that it is acidic. ‘All bottled water is acidic, and acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow and get larger.

How? The BPA that’ is made’ with plastic’ was supposed to be heat resistant. And again’ studies proved it to melt right into your water. Once, it overheats at high temperatures.

Thus, giving you cancer. Let me show you a picture I took of hundreds of cases. ‘Stocked outside on the hot pavement in the hot summer sun. It was a bit of a shock to me too.

Those bottles of water are already contaminated. ‘And this is why I am saying that you do not know for how long they have been in a hot storage area or the hot sun, for that matter.

SNAP! How does one know if it is safe to drink bottled water anymore? Or how do we know if it had not been in a hot storage area waiting for months or weeks to leave the factory?

How long does it take, to deliver bottled water? Without air conditioning in those tractor trailers trucks? No one knows whether bottled water is safe to drink or not anymore. 

Lettuce Recall. A Recent Update On E-Coli Found In Wendy’s Restaurant Lettuce in 4 Northern States (8/21/22). I did mention on this page that most restaurants and processing companies do not use reverse osmosis systems that produce alkaline water.

They only use tap water. And tap water has E-Coli because it comes from recycled sewage water. For those who are skeptics. Put it to the test and do some research, and see for yourself.


Exposing The Biggest secrets that our gov. Are we a product of the Illuminati?

Exposing The Biggest Secrets
Exposing The Biggest Secrets


I also want to send out a message to those who keep wasting their time sending me negative messages about my content. For one, your little small-minded boring opinions are not being seen by anyone but me. And never will because I delete them all the time.

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People I am stressing a point to let you know, you can’t listen to people who think they know what they are talking about. Don’t listen to someone who thinks they are professional and expert trying to give stupid advice. They do that to me, all because they are jealous of me and the many thousands of comments that I have been receiving. Mostly those who thought I would not make it and underestimated me.

Because any professional or expert like me would never tell you to change your website’s title because of what they feel it should be. My website began as a water purification website and it will stay that way no matter what anyone thinks or say.

For a person to tell you to change the title of your site, it indicates they are not an expert because anyone should know that changing your site title to your website would automatically take you off the index, and you would have to re-direct your website’s title all over again and would take a month or so.


The Annunaki Discovery. Who were the Annunaki? And who was Lilith?


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Why is groundwater contaminated?

Groundwater gets contaminated through environmental waste and industrial waste plants. I know because I used to work for them in my younger days. A while back, they were burying chemical waste in barrels. And now they are burning it.

They are using a technological system with hazardous waste incinerators. And guess what? That’s even worst. Now they are polluting the air, releasing all these toxic gases in our atmosphere.

No wonder; Now we know how acid rain developed. So, will we turn into the Night of the living dead? I am joking; of course not. But the pandemic is already doing an excellent job on the down-low. What’s next? They might still be burying waste in some places.


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You’ll never know till someone blows the whistle. Thus, not only is the groundwater contaminated. But the crops are also infected by herbicides

and Pesticides to kill bugs and weeds. But when it comes to E-coli it is a deadly disease found in tap water as well. E-coli is animal and human waste and it stays in the water even though the city sewage water treatment centers say they cleaned it with chlorine and fluoride. Well that does not kill disease. It can only be removed by reversed osmosis water filtrations systems.

And this is the reason that leads me to believe why there have been so many deaths from E-Coli. Hard water, also known as tap water, has over a hundred contaminants. Groundwater is also contaminated by pesticides and herbicides from farming agriculture.

Alkaline water purification systems will also remove harmful metals and chemicals. Chlorine, alum, and fluoride are some of them. Springwater was safe to drink back a few decades ago. But now, the water needs testing because of chemical contamination.

Thus, this is the reason why underground water is not drinkable until it gets tested. Suppose you live out of the country. You’ll find suitable groundwater, but testing your water is better to be safe than sorry. You can try it with a chemical test.


Exposing The New World Order!

The secrets that our gov. has been keeping from us for thousands of years.


Toxic waste buried in the ground turns into methane gas. And pesticides pollute the air and discharge these gases: Nitrous, carbon dioxide, and methane. Everyone should know this because it’s a piece of vital information.

I have learned so much essential information that could make you stick around for more input. Soon I will make another update on a blog about Bigfoot and alien technology. But back to what is dangerous to our health.

Let’s talk about carbon dioxide. I have read that some medications that come in the plastic pill form “are made” with carbon dioxide. You can google any ‘kind of medication that comes in a plastic coating. And find out the ingredients it contains. You will see the information about the plastic coating ‘made with carbon dioxide. What made me laugh was that people were complaining about pet food.

That contained carbon dioxide. But they are selling it to us as well on the down-low. Our processed foods have it too. Before taking any medication, food, drinks, etc., you should look up information.

I also looked up magnesium stearate which is in a medication called tramadol. And most medication contains magnesium stearate. Including antihistamines. I stopped taking those too. That was what was messing me up.

Here is what I read about it. “And there is concern that magnesium stearate. Will stop the body from absorbing the nutrients it should.

Another study found that tablets with magnesium stearate take longer to dissolve. And processing food companies, also add it to their processed foods.

Foods that contain carbon dioxide are beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, chocolate, farmed shrimp, palm oil, Rice, cheese, and any other food that has been processed.

They all contain magnesium stearate and carbon dioxide. Also, known as footprint foods. Why they call it that I don’t know. We can also blame climate change and greenhouse gases including methane gas to blame for most of the climate pollution.


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It’s used for cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are adding magnesium stearate to their products. Here is a mind-blower. Magnesium stearate is also added to vitamin supplements and as well. Soda, chocolate, ice cream, candy, syrup, mayo, milk, cheese, eggs, and poultry. These are some of them that contain magnesium stearate.

Magnesium stearate is in just about everything, and that is a shame that they know about it and won’t ban it because it is not safe to take too much of it. A friend of mine said oh but not donuts. One donut ingredient that she is overlooking. None fat milk. All milk has magnesium stearate added to it. 

And how would one know how much to take to be on the safe side? If you must take something to help you sleep drink lemon balm. And Cat’s Claw is something I ran into by accident. And it does have many major healing properties in it. It also heals cancer and viral infections.

(Like herpes, human papillomavirus, and HIV. Alzheimer’s disease. Arthritis, diverticulitis, colitis, gastritis, peptic ulcers parasites hemorrhoids, and leaky bowel syndrome. It takes 6 weeks to see the results. No need for me to go to the doctor for no more colonoscopies.

One more thing, “SUGAR” can and will damage your liver as alcohol can, even if you are not overweight. Not only will sugar cause damage it is a substance that cancer cells thrive on the most. Where they can live and grow.

Is Magnesium Stearate Safe? 

Not, they say that magnesium stearate is generally safe to consume. But too much of it can give you diarrhea and irritate and eat away at the mucus lining of your stomach and intestines. And this might give you constipation as it did me.

And it was more painful to push while doing the toilet thing. Tramadol will also give you significant munchies. Eating meat at night makes constipation worse. I also ate like a horse. I was always hungry.

And finally figured it out. This was the cause of it all along. And I am glad I looked that up because now I have gotten rid of those pills.


Besides, this is why my medication gave me bleeding peptic ulcers. It was because of the carbon dioxide, plus the magnesium stearate made with the pill. Let’s hope that BPA is not one of those ingredients too. My theory of what is happening in the world today.

Are we being targeted‘ as an overpopulated world? How did this pandemical happen? All over the world all at once? So, now we have monkey-pox. How ironic that this next pandemic happened. This time they did not wait another 10 years.

They want to give us the double whammy. Did you know that this sort of plot has been going on for thousands of years with the Illuminati? Could this be one of Mason’s secrets that have been discovered? That they are involved with the Illuminati. And another secret they thought

they could keep, of them claiming to be the offspring of Jesus Christ? And getting Leonardo Da Vinci himself to make geometrical paintings for them. But it won’t be on my list to take the monkey pox vaccine to get my DNA transformed into what they want it to be.

I am not going to allow myself to fall into that trap. Too many people died from the first vaccine from Johnson & Johnson remember that one? I think I mention this on my other website.

But a professor placed a video about what the vaccine is going to do to us if we take it. He said that it will take 35% of your life away from you. I went back the next day and before you know it his video was taken down by YouTube. I am glad I caught that before they took it down.


King Solomon had Power over 72 Demons

And put them to work to help build the temple of God carving stones.

Yes, I am inclined to believe all this is planned. The coronavirus must have done the work they had expected it to do. They want to bring the world’s population down more because they are not satisfied. As far as they are concerned the world is still overpopulated.

I would not be surprised if they release another one real soon. It’s all in the air the atmosphere.

This is one of the reasons I keep at home a lot more with an Air Purifier on. I value my life so there is no need to be cheap on myself I buy nothing but the best for my health reasons. You only live once. Live it up the best way you can. I always say treat yourself before you trick yourself out of your good health.

A thought just crossed my mind and this might sound hilarious to you. But it’s a notion and why I thought about that. It must be because I saw this movie a long time ago. About the body-snatcher aliens. Remember that movie?

They’re coming They’re here” lol. Well, just crossed my mind that maybe that has already happened and the aliens are in control of the government and their officials.

Making them experiment with human DNA again. Using us as Ginny pigs on the down low. All these pandemics that have happened are for the purpose to take their vaccines. Everybody who wants to take the monkeypox vaccine raises their hands.

As For me “Hell to the No”. This is their plot. I just cracked their code. It doesn’t take me long to figure things out. The way things are falling into place, it’s logical enough to raise a red flag.


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Now I have heard Elon Musk tell Russia on Twitter, that if he continues. He would send his smart drones to drop a deadly virus on his country. That confirms what I said before when this pandemic happened.

This is coming from the air above us. Use your logic. Why did we have to wear masks? So that we would not breathe in that virus that is air born. Some people tell on themselves, don’t they? They are so smart that they are stupid smart. Let the cat out of the bag. But back to the medication. 

I am an example of my experience with this medication. So, if I need to take any medication, it would no longer be in plastic form. I have back problems, and medication is the last thing I want to take unless I have severe pain.

Instead, I decided to keep exercising. And eat the right foods and fruits to give my body the boost and nutrients it needs. That is so far working for me. I sit all day monetizing and creating content daily. So getting up, doing the walkabout, and exercising is essential.


It’s almost like bottled water. You don’t know which one’s contaminated. ‘Because bottled water has been everywhere in a truck or hot storage areas. Not all factories have air conditioning. And not all groceries have those huge walk-in ice boxes to keep their food merchandise cold and fresh.


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I will no longer buy hot sodas either, especially those in plastic containers. Also, food that is on open cooler shelves is not my favorite store to go to. And in most cases, the food can still go wrong for so many days in the open shelf cooler without a glass door.

And it is not my kind of place to shop for groceries. It takes 2 hours for food to spoil. Meats will go bad fast if it is above 40 F. So we do not know what is good or bad till we find out after we ate it.

But no one wants to find out by getting a foodborne illness. That’s why so many thousands have died from foodborne illnesses, because of this kind of error.

Now we got to worry about how and where viruses can rub off on, us because of the corona. The first thing I do after bringing home groceries. I, wash all plastic food packages to ensure I do not catch anything. And the meat has to be washed before cooking?

Don’t wash it with soap, okay? Pure alkaline water will do. Because if you wash it with soap, you will contaminate the meat. And get sick to your stomach.

I have a food handlers certificate and a license to sell Tabaco and Alcohol. That helps to know the proper way of doing your job right. Because it is vital to our health to ensure that we eat the right foods


What About Sugar?

This is to my experience and research about sugar. It is to me the no. one killer because, like a drug, it is addicting. I found out that sugar retains water like 13 pounds of it in your body. It also retains fat cells. So, if you burn any calories you will only be burning the sugar fat cells, not your, body fat. Thus, increase your weight by eating sugar every day til you get obese.

I use to weigh 200 pounds. And since I quit eating table sugar and carbohydrates, I lost 50 pounds in 6 weeks. But you have to cut eating sugar cold turkey. I know it is hard because I was a sugar-soda-drinking freak myself. Donuts, ice cream, and chocolate were my favorite. Anything sweet like candy cookies and so on that was processed foods.

I slowed down and then proceeded to quit cold turkey. Now and then I get tempted I might pop a mambo in my mouth to feel the sugar high lol. But that is what you call regulating as in don’t overdo it. But you don’t need to get on a diet. Just stop eating table sugar. Sugar can also attract cancer cells and will grow.

That is how you do it. Because it is hard to stop eating sweets once you are so used to them all these years since a kid. Tell you what I did to replace sugar since I had to have something sweet. I used honey. which is a natural sugar not processed. And in the face, it also has healing properties that work as an antibiotic.  Do me a favor, please stay away from table sugar and use honey instead. Good luck.


How Good Is Bottled Water?

Chemical tests will show bottled water to turn yellow because they are acidic. And everyone should know by now that acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. But, alkaline water will turn blue and sometimes purple.

When you drink alkaline water, it is not only good and nutritious for you. But will also help flush out your entire system. You can count on getting better health results, as I have.

When I used to work for Westinghouse, their four filtration systems went for twenty-five hundred, financed. Whew! I knew that was a big rip-off because I promoted five reverse osmosis stages for as little as a hundred.

But recently, I have upgraded a single screw-on faucet type of 5 stages. I also am an affiliate for eBay, where you can get them cheaper through eBay, amongst other items.


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Purity System Provides Important Update Information.

Become more involved with searching for new information about the contamination in your area. Many exceed guidelines that are over the limit. And water is getting more contaminated every year. 

There is an email wireless weather alert that gives you food recall alerts. It lets you know when there are food recalls, fish, crackers, fruits, and processed food.

And weather reports in your area once you enter to register your email and zip code to receive these alerts. It’s called The Emergence Email & Wireless Network. Other than that, take care of your health, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.*



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