Do You Believe In Ghosts, Demons and Spirits?

Do Your Believe In ghosts
Do you believe In ghosts

Believing In Ghosts, Demons, and Spirits

Do you believe in ghosts, demons, and Spirits? Let me start by saying this to my friends. We are in a transformation. And what you are about to read might shock you.

I will start by saying. This is a part of my life’s true story. On what happened to me during the past younger years.

I am very experienced when it comes to exercising demons. Many secrets have been discovered. Thus more is to come. And I never charged anyone for it. Jesus didn’t so why should I?

I learn through self-learning, and experience is always the best teacher. My life came with a bit of suffering. Not to mention always fighting a spiritual battle.

There are spirits in high places that love to torment us all. And we must prepare ourselves for those kinds of attacks.

 Ghosts and Spirits Do Exist

And for those who went through similar suffering like me. I welcome you to your destiny. Yes, you have a destiny like me and everyone else too. I have figured out why I suffered so much and you will find out too.

There is nothing more exciting and astonishing than finding out who you are in this life. From the beginning of my childhood to this day. I have learned much about the spirit world.

Many of you already know by my other posts. I went through a spiritual trauma and awakening as a child.

And have seen ghosts, and skeletons, and heard lots of weird things waking me up in the dark.

I wondered why this happened to me for many years. Till I cracked the code. I am here for a reason. And something tried to devour me as a child to stop me from my destiny.

What kind of creature flies at night so large that it can flap its wings on top of your roof like it is trying to get you?

King Solomon’s Testament

My first thought was a demon. Why me? I kept saying. And I felt it was my destiny to find out first. And afterward, what my destiny is about.

I was chosen by God even before birth. As I was told by an angel of God, Raphiel. Who spoke to me through a medium’s voice. How? She lets spirits take over her body.

Yes, I met quite a few of them and in my past still wondered again why me. This was not a seance, I met this person.

It seems that I am to meet with spirits because this sort of thing kept happening to me for years.

This meeting up with spirits started when I turned sweet sixteen as they would say it. It started with my ex-girlfriend.

Yup, she and her sister had been messing around with the Ouija board. And guess what happened?

 At first, something was tapping on the window and I could not see who was tapping the window. 

She kept saying I see a skeleton on the TV. The TV but I could not see it. The screen was dark, turned off.

When I opened the door it was too late and she said don’t open it. She was possessed by a spirit.

Forgive me I am not one to abuse no one for no reason. But I had to slap her out of it lol. Not hard lol.

Message To Roboam King Solomon’s Son

That was when I knew nothing about possession but I had it figured out. I had to snap her out of it somehow.

And it worked and of course, she cried and I apologized and hugged her. Anyway as I was saying about this other medium I mentioned at first.

This medium kept getting possessed by so many spirits. Who asked for my help? Why me? I asked them that question.

They said it was because they knew that I was not afraid of them. If it had been anyone else they would have run off scared.

These were of course people who died an unnatural death. But the angels who visited me in her body intrigued me the most. Because they gave me information that I had never heard of before.

And one angel got punished for doing so. They had great respect for me. And kept telling me that I was the chosen one.

One spirit kept calling me master. But they would not tell me anything further. About why and what I was being chosen to do.

I was even blessed with his power. I already made a staff that I had with me. And he infused into me the power by pointing the staff into the sky.

Do you think I am nuts now? Well get this, it will still be hard for you to believe.

When I pointed that staff another time into the sky. I pushed it hard into the sky 5 times in a circle while it was cloudy. A circle and one in the middle. Like a target.

I thought nothing of it till I started seeing 5 holes in the sky in a circle with the one in the middle.

Wow, what a confirmation, it was a good feeling to know God is backing me up for whatever challenge is ahead of me. 

Here is what the staff’s destiny was meant for. This was in South Carolina near Candor around eagle’s pass.

Exposing The Gov. National Parks Deepest Secrets

One evening in 2008, when the sunset, you could look at it because it was not so bright anymore. And I say a star above it in the left-hand corner.

I could tell it was behind the sun. Because the sun’s rays shined on it. And it looked like a giant cross. Its rays spread around the sun so perfectly. My first guess was Jesus was coming.

My second guess was that this was the star the 3 wise men were following. Then I said. OMG! Something is coming this way.

And it is in our solar system. Right away I was looking for a camera and could not find it wow.

My friends, do you suppose that it is what the angle Raphael was preparing me for? This my friends was a test of my faith and I passed with flying colors.

I said to myself, “Is this star going to crash into our planet? No, it is not going to happen, this I said to myself. So, let’s say I pointed the staff at that star.

I moved it to the right side of the sun. Away from it heading our way to avoid impact on the Earth and it worked. We are still here, and it passed between us and the sun already.

Mathew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them. Because of your unbelief. Verily I say unto you. If ye have had the least faith as a grain mustard seed.

Ye shall say unto this mountain. Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall be removed. And nothing shall be impossible unto you.


But Nibiru did pass between us and the sun. And still caused tsunamis, super hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Remember Katrina? Remember the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

I heard that this star had already affected the Earth before. The star was a sign of a new beginning coming soon. It seems that the Earth has its way of cleansing itself.

I found out that the planet is “Nibiru”. The star that the Sumerians call Nibiru, and that the Annunaki came from there.

So, I did my best to warn people about it coming. Many of them debunked me. But it did come out true. It happened.

The Annunaki Discovery

And till this day we are still having more tsunamis, super tornados, and super earthquakes. Not to mention the volcanos erupting.


Now let’s get back to what happened with the Medium.

Satan started to come into her body telling me that my power belonged to him. Then he gave it to me, and he wants it back. I told him that if it belonged to him why did he give it to me? Lol. I clowned him well.

Then he said I will take it from you. And I said go ahead. Let’s see what you got. He used her hand to place it over my heart. Nothing happened at the time.

But guess what? My uncle died that night instead. I felt sad and at the time I was taking pain medicine, and I took 5 of them I wanted to sleep.

So, I did not realize, that I took too much. My friend was listening for a heartbeat, and she would not let me fall asleep. She kept saying Tony wake up wake up. Your heart is not beating!

But guess what again? I fell asleep and I did die and went down to the grave. To visit my uncle. He greeted me and told me he would be okay.

For me to go back. And I saw myself coming out of the grave and back into my body.

I have told you this in one of my posts. As a child, I was about to die of hay fever like a hundred and 5. I started to see the room get smaller and smaller.

Then I asked God to save me from death and I would serve him for the rest of my life. God gave me the power of resurrection over death 5 times already.

This happened to me as a child. When I came back from the dead the first time. I was 5 years old.

You see. You have a destiny too. It is that you need to find it as well. Keep meditating if you are.

Or start meditating and contemplating what God expects out of you too my friends. There is nothing impossible for God to create in your life.

Exposing The Biggest Government Secrets

Remember God looks at the intentions of the heart. Not that you go to church because church is not going to save you, it is a building. You are the temple of God, not the church.

Now back to the devil again.

furthermore, to make this a little short I prayed for her, and he kept coming back to tell me again I owe him my soul.

I told him you took it, remember, and I came back only because it was not your power. It is the power God gave me as a child and you even tried taking it then.

When you were on my roof flapping your wings. Yes, I got you figured out. And now you must go. And stop following me around making my life and others hectic.

So, I went outside because this was the last draw. I grabbed my rooster, and sorry rooster. Thus, I did this to remove Satan from her body.

When I came into the house with the rooster. she immediately froze with fear, and the rooster started screaming bloody murder.

I had to grab the rooster’s neck to quiet him.  And did my prayer thing on her with it. And did my thing.

I put the devil into the rooster and put the rooster outside. I can see the rooster going around in circles. Like he was confused. That is what the devil was trying to do. Was to confuse me and could not.

Now do you believe that God still has Angels at work for you too? Have an open mind and you will see the truth.

Exposing The New World Order

Also, like I said in one of my other posts again. You do not have to be holy to make it to heaven. If God had already chosen, you before birth. You were his from the beginning.

You know, another lost hidden book taken out of the bible. It speaks of the angel helping along his way as well as catching a demon and imprisoning it. It is the Book of Tobit. And you can find it in the Catholic bible.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Thus, if I am not mistaken. It was the same angle Raphiel who helped me as well. How do I know? He told me his name.

Thus, he would not let me know my name from a past lifetime. The book can not be opened. Not yet he said. It was locked.

Wow, I felt like I was part of the prophecies. That is being fulfilled in revelation. What a tremendous feeling it was.

Yes, I know I thought it was a put-on or some kind of game she was putting me on. But when I heard my rooster yell bloody murder. I was sure then that it was not her pretending. She truly possessed.

Do You Believe In Demons, Ghosts, and Spirits?

Now do you believe in ghosts, demons, and angels? They do exist. It is hard to believe, but then again like everyone says. I will believe it when I see it myself.

You will, you will. This is a new age now of all kinds of magic happening in the air at this very moment but we do not feel it. We have to discover it within ourselves.

It is there and only there that you will finally find what you have been looking for. Answers to all your questions that you waited for all your life.

You know I almost said the words in this movie I like. You will know when you reach the final glow. Script from the Last Dragon.

Yet, folks, it is becoming a reality now. We are the true Magi of this world. And we need to go deep into ourselves to find that final glow of our destiny shining upon us. And you may not see it but you can feel it.

So, by me saying we are the Magi. It is because we always have been the high priests of God from the beginning.

We may not know our names from the past. But we can still fulfill what we started in the past if you can figure it out.

Thus, we are the true master wizards of this world. If your destiny is blogging then don’t be afraid to put it to work.

For People Who See Ghosts

I have a cousin who also has seen ghosts. And when she told me that the owner told her that the lady’s husband lived in the house she lived in.

But she kept saying a woman like a bag lady who came to her and extended her arms to her. She woke up her husband to see if he could see her too.

But he could not see her. But she could. I told her that she died there and wanted to be released looking for closer from being a restless spirit.

So I told her to pray for her to release her into God’s light. Spirits that die in a house stay trapped there and need help to be released from it.Just ask God to give them closer and release them from their torment of being a restless spirit.

Of course, this is not the end of my story. I will continue with more in another post.  Take care everyone and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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King Solomon’s Testament

King Solomon's Testament
King Solomon’s Testament


What Is Telling The Truth?

King Solomon’s testament. As far as I know, the Gospel is telling the truth. Whoever thought that King Solomon had the power to imprison 72 demons. Then put them to work to help build the temple of God. I will explain in further detail while you read. I have dedicated myself to spreading the gospel in my way. God works in mysterious ways.

And I love exposing the truth about so many things and mysteries that are happening in this world today. And about how the government has been lying to us about our past history. Especially about experimenting with human, animal, and alien DNA. 

I have found so much info about creatures of different species which I will explain later in my post. And how and why all this happened in the true history of our ancient ancestors.

We are part of alien DNA in us according to some lost books of the bible like The Book of Enoch. These are the reasons some of us have Extrasensory perception. Also known as ESP.

We have been lied to about our past history. Because Columbus never really discovered America. The Indians were already here.

Not to mention they have already discovered Egyptian artifacts and hieroglyphics in the Grand Canyon.

So, the Egyptians seemed to have discovered America first. Not too many know that Russia was connected to Alaska before the world flood.  



You can skip the introduction if you can’t wait to read about the Testament of Solomon.

I can say that I have developed the art of preaching the gospel without preaching. As Bruce Lee used to say, the art of fighting without fighting.

Some people don’t care to hear a sermon but instead want to know the truth and prophecy foretold.  People should be going to church to learn what is happening in the world today.

We all know that Jesus saves. But when pastors and other denominations keep stuffing that same old routine.

It gets boring. People want to learn the truth. Like prophecies foretold, and answers to questions still hidden from the ultimate truth. Including the awareness in the spirit, how can one be aware in the spirit?

You will be able to tell what in the spirit means. When God blesses you. You will feel the chills of an angel visiting you. like you are receiving another special jewel on your spiritual crown.

In other words, it feels like a reward and a great feeling of relief from stress as well. Most of us already know what I am talking about. If you don’t do not feel left out.

You have to earn God’s blessings, to feel them and you will once you do what he likes. Or what he expects of you. If you care what he wants for you.

Message to Roboam, King Solomon’s Son

God has a special blessing for everybody. Sending his blessings to bless you. And when you receive it you will have a revelation and act upon it.

For instance, teaching others what I know is a blessing for me. He blesses me every day when I share my experiences and thoughts with others.

So they can know the truth and what is going on in the world today. It pleases me and God for people to work together even when they are not together. We can still be together in the spirit.

Are you able to feel the blessing of God’s spirit? Being Christ-like is the real meaning of Christianity. It’s not hard at all to be Christ-like. Ask yourself self would Jesus do such a thing if it is wrong.

And what you are about to say? Or what would Christ think of you while you are doing something wrong, and you know about it being wrong.

Thinking Christlike is the key to being a Christian. He says entering through the window is not going to get it.

You got to choose the door through him. Let not wonder thoughts hinder your thinking and concentration.

Some people are born with natural consciousness. And there are the wicked who do not know what a conscious is.

To be able to think like Christ you have to say to yourself, would Christ do this or that? Or would Christ think or say things that are wrong in God’s eyes?

When you see within yourself how would Christ handle everything? Only then you will become a master of your emotions.

Exposing The New World Order

Thus, this brings me to the attention. That there is an Able and a Cain in every group of people.

An idol mind is the devil’s workshop. How many of you have heard of that one? So make sure you stay busy and not idol.

Because the devil is astute enough to throw negative darts in your mind. In other words negative thoughts.

And possibly evil thoughts when you get angry. Thus, when that happens just catch yourself and calm down before you raise your blood pressure and hurt yourself.

When a person remains angry all the time they tend to be miserable their whole entire life till they learn not to be angry all the time. You must not let life get to you. You need to get to life and handle it.

Ask God for strength to handle all your problems whether financial or emotional.

After you have mastered your emotions, you will be able to see through that spiritual veil that was over your face all this time. Keeping you from knowing and figuring out the truth of it all.

This is my way of spreading the truth and spreading the truth is spreading the gospel. As we all know, God wants us to preach his gospel. Well, let me say this. 

Many people think that preaching the Gospel is about getting on the pulpit. I have done that already. I have been on the pulpit preaching the word of God.

But to me, that was not good enough. I wanted to world to know what I know. So this is the best way to spread the good news.

And that is through the Internet. In this case, the whole world will be your pulpit. Worldwide news is the best way.

The Annunaki DIscovery. Who are The Annunaki? Who Is Lilith?

I used to be a singing evangelist until I began to see that people in the church are not as Christ-like as they claim to be. It’s all show, a front. In other words, they think because they go to church they will go to heaven.

And still, end up coming outside after church hating on each other hats that went out of date. Gossiping and cursing as usual.

Oh, look at that B….. I had that hat last year” Petty jealousy like that does not make it into the kingdom of heaven. As I said before.

The church is you, us. The building is not going to save you from God’s curse or condemnation if you have that coming.

It is your ways that God looks at. The intent of the heart. Not what church is the best one to go to? Or what church is the true church of God? We are the true church of God.

So I back off from getting involved with hypocritical people. All religions contradict themselves. Saying they are the true church of God.

No building can be the true church of God. It is your body, spirit, and soul that is the true church of God.

You are the temple of the holy spirit. It is us that is the true church of God. Yes, you are the temple of the holy spirit as the good book says. But guess what?

The Book Of Enoch & Giants
The Books Of Enoch Deluxe Collection: 1 Enoch, 2 Enoch, 3 Enoch &
Bonus Gospels Of Judas, Mary & Philip Paperback – June 22, 2022  

The good book is not complete yet; because not only did they remove King Solomon’s secret key and magical seals.  They also removed other books like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Tobit that are in the catholic bible.

These seals of King Solomon were created to control demons and the world if need be. Instead, the Knights Templar found these magical seals and keys, and they are using them against us.

To control us and the world. I mean they are using King Solomon’s secret magical seals. And this is why he told his son to bury those secrets with him so that they would not fall into the hands of the wicked.

But it’s too late. The pyramid that is on the back of the dollar bill is one of those seals.

According to the book of King Solomon magical seals. That pyramid is used to confuse and control. I know this because I had the book for over 40 years now.

The Knights Templar were the ones who found Solomon’s treasure and the Key and secret seals. You will, later on, see what I am talking about.

If we were not a God-fearing country, I believe the gov. would be in big trouble. People will soon find out through the rest of the web pages.

Noah Primeval and The Book of Enoch/Lost Book #2

Chronicles of the Nephilim Series Books 1-2: Enoch

For example here is more info on the pyramid that is on the back of our dollar bill.

If you draw another pyramid on top of the all-seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill. You will discover that the points are pointing to letters. That spells masons.

Our dollar bill is full of geometric symbols. If you get a magnifying glass look at the top right-hand corner of the number one.

You will see a little tiny owl sitting on the tip of the one. That is the owl that they are worshiping at the Bohemian Grove in Cal. At the Bohemian Grove, a private VIP camp. Performing human dummy sacrifices.

And who are the private members of this inhuman club? The president, senators, the governor, officials, famous musicians, and actors.

And I also know that they are involved with the Illuminati. That is where this human sacrificial stuff is coming from. 

 Are You God’s Chosen?

Although God is the power behind what I am about to talk about. A true Christian knows that the temple of the holy spirit is not a building where you go fellowship.

That is all that the building is for; fellowship. You do not have to belong to a church building to be accepted into heaven. Even if one did not know that God exists.

As long as their heart is in the right place they have a chance to make it when judgment day comes. Because their heart had good intentions not evil.

Or more like a peaceful person with and kind heart to help their fellow man in need.

People who do good deeds from their hearts, not mouths. Words are cheap, but actions speak louder than words.

I am an old soul. Not into crowds and more so now because of the pandemic. It does not bother me to be alone.

That is the best time for you to communicate and contemplate in the spirit with God. He in turn will teach you in the spirit.

But you have to be sincere with yourself to be sincere with God. Let go of animosities and evil thoughts or hurting others etc.

Do the right things in the eyes of God, so that he can bless you with some extra power and understanding.

And how to empower you for future challenges in life itself. Books and college do not teach you about life only mathematics, language, or traits. And when one preaches.

He or she is not supposed to say that if you do not believe in Jesus you will go to hell. Or do not smoke or you’ll go to hell.

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Do not commit fornication or you’ll go to hell. Fornication is a word derived from adultery.

For people who are not married and have several sex partners. There is nothing wrong with having one sex partner if you are not married. Yeah, right I can see God bringing in the documents.

To Adam and Eve telling them they need a marriage license. And to sign on the dotted line to pronounce you are now married.

And have permission to have sex. Hogwash!. Mind-bending manipulation to control and take your money.

Fornication is another word for adultery. It’s in the dictionary. But having one partner does not make you a fornicator.

That is a bunch of malarkey coming from the worst of interpreters. Because they are spiritually blind.

And want the men and women under their control to pay them funds for preaching. Did Jesus ask you to pay him for healing you? Or to hear his words? Did he say God needs your thighs?

Exposing The Biggest Secrets that our Gov. has been keeping from us for thousands of years.

God does not want your money lol. He has it all. We are the ones who are on borrowed time nothing belongs to us.

It’s all God’s creation it’s already his. Whatever you do or say. Use your logic that you are right about something before you do or say anything.

It pleases God that your mind and your heart are in the right place. You do not have to prove to anyone you are good.

People will see that already because it is in your aura. Doing the right thing is all that matters to God.

Being that your heart is in the right place in his eyes. Not hate jealousy, greed, or slander. But pure clean thoughts.

Erase the dark side of us. We have a good and dark side that we are born with. That’s why God gave us the power to make our own decisions.

How To Cure Food Poisoning

And choose the right way following the path of righteousness. And not self-glorification. Good or bad. God puts us to the test and corrects us because he loves us.

You do not have to be anyone special to anyone. God already sees you as special when you do the right thing.

And He will protect you as well. Here is my point again. The Bible says that when we do too much of anything it will hurt us and that’s a sin.

That is when it becomes a sin. Meaning if you smoke too much, you can hurt yourself by getting cancer.

Benefits Of Water Filtration

Too much eating as in gluttony, and too much doing anything else that can hurt you is a sin.

There is no sin bigger than the other; except blaspheming the name of God. Now, are you going to hell because you overate, and now your tummy hurting? lol.

We were born in sin but that is why we do not have to die by it or go to hell for it. Because God gave us that power to conquer sin already.


And you do not have to preach on a pulpit, to tell the truth elsewhere. Like I am doing here. I am not going to preach about God.

Everyone knows that God exists and all the basics about believing in Jesus. But there is a more profound truth to what I have discovered.

I have found to talk about now because I had a great fall that devastated me, long ago, but I bounced right back up.

And since then I have changed a great deal with an open mind. People who think they know it all.

Because they went to college are a bunch who want to know it all but lack the wisdom for their knowledge. And how to use your knowledge is exactly what wisdom is about.

Magic Seal of Protection King Solomon’s Ring 925 Sterling Silver Size 6-15

The experience I had turned my life around because I did not know why that was happening to me at the time.

But later in life figured out why. I was saying to myself like some of you have already said when troubled. Why was this happening to me, and why did that happen to me?

I came across a few stumbling blocks in my time because I was hurt at one point in my life.

It also left a heavy blow to my spirit and inward peace. But will save that story of my life for a later post for now.

But think of sin as these evil demons. I am about to introduce to you theirs and what archangel are they under command by.

Because temptation is a way to make you sin. That is their purpose to tempt you.

 Exposing The War On Drugs A Racist Policy

Exposing The War On Drugs
 Exposing The War On Drugs

Right now, I want to speak of some stories that were considered myths. But, it turned out to be true. Take, for instance. The story in the bible of the Giants is Genesis: 6:4. Some of these Giants were Titans like Medusa and Cyclops.

As for King Solomon’s 72 demons. Whoever thought that King Solomon had 72 demons imprisoned, and put to work. In helping to build carving stones for the temple of God at his command?

Here is the story of King Solomon’s Testament. A lost or hidden book that was also banned from the bible.

My way of spreading the truth is through my website now. You do not have to be a preacher.

Or singing evangelist to spread the truth. Because spreading the truth is spreading the gospel.

My website’s posts and my content. Are about exposing the truth that is out there, to the world.

Better than in one little church building. Let’s get this program going then, folks. I want to say thanks to all who have supported me. And my website for the simple cause of exposing the absolute truth.

Truth is the Gospel, and you don’t have to preach, to tell the truth. And spreading the truth is the gospel. What better way to tell the truth than through content on a website?

This is another lost book of the scriptures of the Testament of King Solomon. That was left out of the bible.

This story is about his power to control demons he locked up and enslaved. And some were put to work to build the temple of God.

On one of my other web pages, I speak about how Solomon’s secret Key and seals got discovered.

Later you will learn why and how these demons he had locked up escaped, almost like the story of Pandora’s box.

But this is the true history of Solomon’s activities as a high priest of God. He was a wizard in his time.

The Testament of King Solomon

This is another lost book of the scriptures of the Testament of King Solomon. That was left out of the bible. This story is about his power to control demons he locked up and enslaved. And some were put to work to build the temple of God.

On one of my other web pages, I speak about how Solomon’s secret Key and seals got discovered. Later you will learn why and how these demons he had locked up escaped, almost like the story of Pandora’s box. But this is the true history of Solomon’s activities as a high priest of God. He was a wizard in his time.

The Testament Of King Solomon And The Demon Ornias.

Demon Ornias

While all the King’s men were at work, there came a demon among them named Ornias. He decided to torment one young man. Ornias would come by night to suck on the boy’s life from his thumb till he grew thin and thinner every day. And took half of his pay, half of his food, plus half of his life.

King Solomon called for the boy to come to him. When the boy arrived. Solomon told him.

Do I not love thee more than the rest and pay you double wages? Do I not give you double portions of food? Then how do you grow thinner every day, hour by hour?

The boy told him that a demon was coming to him every night to take half his pay, half his food, and sucking the boy’s thumb to suck away half his life.

King Solomon prayed to God to help him help this boy and deliver the demon into his hands.

So, the Lord sent the archangel Michael to Solomon. And the angel gave him a gold ring with a special seal of God. To control all demons.

It would look something like this with a pentagram engraved on it. With specific names of angles in control around the outer edge of it.

Seal of Solomon Ring, Silver Solomon
Seal Protection Ring, King Solomon Ring, 925k Sterling Handmade Silver Ring

So, King Solomon called the boy and gave him a ring. And told him to throw this ring at the demon’s chest when he sees him again.

And say to the demon, King Solomon summons you. The demon pleaded with the boy to take the ring off of him.

And he would give him all the gold he wanted. To take the ring back to Solomon. I could imagine that the boy might of said Ahah! Not this time, you big bully!

Wait a minute? Where’s my bat? I can’t stand you pestering me for my goods anymore. Follow me to King Solomon.

Sorry, I was expressing the boy’s demeanor after he knew he got him tied down. But he did say that he could not stand for his torture any more and to follow him to Solomon.

I would have told him to give back all the money and food he took. And the gold. Dodo. Right now! Then I would have taken him to King Solomon.

I may even charge him interest for pain and suffering. All jokes aside, though. I never knew about this incredible story until I did more research.

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Back to the story

When the boy arrived with the demon, Solomon asked the demon, who are you? The demon explained his purpose upon men’s kind.

To turn into female form to fool the men and then take their souls in their sleep. I am the offspring of the archangel Oriel, the power of God, says the demon.

Thus, when Solomon heard the name of the archangel. Solomon glorified God and sealed the demon. And put him to work as a stone cutter. To build the temple of God.

But the demon is still in fear of the ring. And said to Solomon. I pray to you, King Solomon. Let me go free, and I will bring you all the demons because he did not want to be under Solomon’s control.

Furthermore, what makes anyone think he is telling the boy the truth? When ‘he said he would give him all the gold of the land if he left him to go free? I remember the verse in the Bible.

The devil is the father of all lies, so when the demon told the boy, that he would give him all the gold of the land would have been all lies to escape. And come back another day again to finish the job.

Find out why the president, gov. officials, famous musicians and actors. Go to a private VIP camp to perform human dummy sacrifices in front of a thirty-foot owl. Representing Lilith Adams first wife.

But he could not lie to King Solomon, to tell the truth, because he was under the ring’s power. Including his name and his purpose. And by what angle they are ordered under and controlled.

I read another book about King Solomon that changed my opinion and understanding of life.

And what of the people who found King Solomon’s treasure is up to when they found these special secrets of Solomon?

And they let out all the wicked demons upon the Earth again. They perverted it! Turn it into a weapon.

And now we are on the verge of nuclear war because of what they did and are doing.

The secret key and seals of Solomon were not meant for that kind of control. They’re meant to control demons to bring peace to the world.

I mean they just messed everything up, when they opened Pandora’s box huh?  But in this case, it’s real. Anyways, back to what Solomon prayed for.

So, Solomon prayed to the archangel Ouriel for succor and saw the archangel Uriel coming down from the heavens. The angel bade the monsters of the sea out of the abyss.

In the book of Ezra, male sea monsters were named Behemoth, and female, Leviathan, also known as dragons.

The archangel casts his destiny to the ground, making the demon subject him. And he commanded the demon Ornias to cut stones for the temple.

And to bring to completion the construction of the temple. Solomon glorified God, called forth Ornias, and gave him the seal, saying.

Away with thee and bring me the prince of all the demons. So Ornias took the ring and went off to Beelzebub, who has kingship over the demons.

And the demon said to Beelzebub, come; Solomon summons you. But Beelzebub said to him. Tell me, who is this Solomon of whom you speak?

Then Ornias threw the ring at the chest of Beelzebub, saying to him. Solomon the King summons you.

Because of the ring’s power, Beelzebub cried out loudly with a mighty voice. And shot out a great flame of fire.

And arose to follow Ornias and arrived at Solomon’s court, where Ornias was at first. Then Solomon questioned Beelzebub, Who are thou?

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They all have to answer King Solomon truthfully because they are under the power of the ring. So he replied and said I am Beelzebub, the ruler of all demons.

Solomon then demanded the chief of the demons sit close to him. And explain the manifestation of the demons. And Beelzebub, sitting next to Solomon, promised to bring all the spirits under his rule.

My webpage can only take so much content and would not take all of the great information about the rest of the demons. And Solomon asked if there were any female demons among them.

And when he replied yes. Solomon demanded to see them. So Beelzebub set off quickly and brought him a female demon called Onoskelis. She had a very pretty shape and her skin was so fair.

But her legs were that of a mule. And she tossed her head from time to time. Her name means she has the legs of an ass. And Solomon said to her who are you?

She said I am called Onoskelis a spirit made into a body. And I lurk upon the Earth. There is a golden cave where I lie.

But my dwelling places are precipices, caves, and ravines. I have many-sided characters and pervert men from their true nature.

It would do me great pleasure to continue as much content about the 72 demons of King Solomon.

But the book is available. It would be too much content for me to write here. But if you do get the book.


Find out if any one of these demons might be responsible for your mishaps. Thus knowing his name is enough to pray against it. And rebuke it out of your life.

And it won’t hurt to try because God already gave us the power to do so. But most of us do not know how to use it.

I am here to guide you through it.  Look for the inner peace within yourself if you are constantly upset and meditate. Contemplate, relax, and let go of any animosity you may have toward the past.

Here is a verse that just came to my mind. Psalms: 119-165…Great peace has they which love thy law and keeps thy commandments and nothing shall offend them. All these demons were created for one purpose.

And that was to torment and destroy humanity. Because they could not stand humans whom God made greater and above them.

Jealousy, greed, and murder among the other negative things of the world are their ways and what they represent under the order of other archangels. Only hate no love for humanity. They would love to torment you.

This is why King Solomon told his son to bury the secret key and magical seals that controlled these demons with him when he passed.

Unless it falls into the hands of the wicked. Thus releasing all of those demons out into the world again by opening the real Pandora’s box. Good luck everybody.

I am going to clarify my point from the beginning of my post again. Columbus never really discovered America. Because it was already occupied by the Indians.

Furthermore, if you want to get technical. The Egyptians were the ones who discovered America according the the findings in the Grand Canyon.

They have found several Egyptian hieroglyphics in deep caves already. Not too many people know that before the Great World flood.

Alaska was connected to Russia. And people from that continent crossed over to Alaska to seek a new beginning. Need I say more?



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