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Groundwater gets contaminated through environmental waste and industrial waste plants. A while back they were burying chemical waste to get rid of it. They might still be doing that. So, not only is the groundwater getting contaminated, the crops are contaminated as well. And this is the reason that leads me to believe why there have been so many deaths from E-Coli. Hard water, is also known as tap water. Has over a hundred contaminants in it as well.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers remove all contaminants from your tap water. Will also remove all the harmful metals. Some companies use it for industrial purposes and some hospitals use it as well. Springwater was, safe to drink back a few decades ago. But now, the water needs testing. Because of chemical contamination. Thus, this is the reason why underground water is not drinkable. But not all groundwater is contaminated if you leave it out in the country, But it’s better to be safe than sorry, by testing your water. You can test it with a chemical tester.


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Furthermore, E-Coli that comes from animal and human waste has been found in streams where cattle crossings are at. Chemicals like pesticides and herbicides have contaminated the groundwater as you know by now. From years of farming agriculture. And the toxic waste and methane gas, build up underground. When pesticides are made, three greenhouse gases are discharged, nitrous, carbon dioxide, and methane.

Let’s talk about carbon dioxide. I have found out that some medications that come in plastic pill form, are made with carbon dioxide. If you google any ‘kind of medication that comes in a plastic coating. You will see the information that the plastic coating ‘is ‘made with carbon dioxide. What made me laugh was that people were complaining. ‘About pet food containing carbon dioxide. But they are doing it to us as well on the down-low. Nowadays, you have to look up information before you take anything. About medication, food, drinks, and so on.

Read the back of every label of processed food you are buying. Mostly what kind of ingredients it contains that could be bad for your health. Just look up those ingredients you do not understand and you will know. I do a lot of research about several things and I never stop growing in knowledge. We all must continue to grow in knowledge and true wisdom. And what good is knowledge if we have no wisdom to know how to use it?

Besides, this is the reason my medication was giving me peptic bleeding ulcers. ‘Because of the carbon dioxide in that plastic-coated medication. It is the only logical explanation. What other chemical could it contain? No one will ever know unless someone blows the whistle. Let’s just hope BPA is not one of those ingredients. I will try to find out though. This could be just my theory of what is happening in the world today. But we are being targeted as an overpopulated nation and world. How did this pandemical happen? All over the world all at once? Come on now. This sort of thing has been happening for ages already. Viruses, outbreaks of flu, diseases aids, malaria, etc. If you do your research you will find that this sort of thing happens every decade or so. Spanish flu, swine flu, mad cow disease. In the next 10 or 12 years, let’s see what else is going to happen?

I am an example of my experience with this type of plastic-coated medication. So, if I need to take any kind of medication, it would not be in plastic form anymore. I have back problems, and medication is the last thing I want to take unless I am having some serious pain. Instead, I decided to just keep exercising. And eat the right foods and fruits to give my body the boost and nutrients it needs. That is so far working for me. I sit all day monetizing and creating content daily. So it is important to get up do the walkabout and do some exercise. 

Thus, I have stopped taking plastic-coated medication that is made with carbon dioxide. it’s almost like bottled water. You don’t know which one is not contaminated because they have all been everywhere in a truck or hot storage area. Not all factories have air conditioning. And not all groceries have those huge walk-in ice boxes to keep their food merchandise cold and fresh. I will no longer be buying hot sodas anymore. Especially the ones in plastic containers. And in most cases, the food can still go bad in so many days just laying in the open shelf cooler without a glass door, just out in the open, and is not my kind of place to shop at.

Now we got to worry about how and where this covid19 can rub off on from other hands etc. The first thing I do after bringing home groceries. I have to wash all plastic packages of food to make sure I do not catch anything for that matter. And the meat? I wash it off with alkaline water which is better than using tap water any day.  It’s become a nasty world so far and does not seem like it’s going to get any better. But well will find out, and I will be updating it.

Meats will go bad fast if not below 40 degrees. I should know, I have a food handlers certificate and a license to sell Tabaco and Alcohol. That helps to know all of this. Because it is vital to our health to make sure we eat the right kind of foods and drinks. And with bottled water. You do not know where it’s been. Or the temperature environment there were in. Let me show you a picture that I went to a grocery store and it had hundreds of cases of bottled water outside. ‘Cases that are left out there all day in the hot sun. On a hot pavement sidewalk.

So, what do you think has happened to the water being there all day. They are ‘contaminated with BPA!!! Like the robot, use to say in the series of lost in space. “Danger, Danger, ‘Danger. Walk ‘away’ and go search for the best grocery stores. ‘Now a day’s you have to go do your research. Because if don’t, you are as lost as the rest of the world who doesn’t. Don’t be like everyone else. Be yourself.



Drink Alkaline Water

Thus, drinking alkane water is not only good for you. But will help in flushing out your kidneys and your entire system as well. It helps with the digestive system by getting rid of any acidic cells that are in your body. And everyone should know by now that acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation.


 Sewage Treatment

Again, treatment centers do not use reverse osmosis. Because they cannot afford it and maintain the filtration systems. They only recycle sewage water and treat it with chlorine, fluoride, and alum. Amongst, other chemicals. And did you know that alum is aluminum melted down with sulfuric acid? They say it is safe to drink. But it’s “NOT” What a slap on the face with everyone’s recycled urine and feces while you are taking a shower! It is more work and too expensive to keep maintaining and replacing the filtration system. And of course, they do this to save the company money. What better way than to help them save thousands of dollars the cheaper way.



How About Bottled Water?

I did a chemical test on most bottled water and they all turned yellow because they are acidic. But, alkaline water will turn blue or purple depending on its alkalinity. Be safe and invest in reverse osmosis water purification systems. And, drinking alkaline water which is not only good and nutritious for you. It also helps flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well.

Not to mention if you ever leave a bottle of water in a hot car. The BPA will leak into the water and thus, will give you cancer. But what about overstocked food and water that has expired? Where does that go? ‘This is the reason for foodborne illness. And in addition, ‘cancer from the BPA contamination. If you heat a tv dinner in a microwave, the heat and steam from the food will melt down the BPA into the food.

When they process their food they add chemicals to give the food longer shelf life. But what about overstocked and expired groceries? Some erase and replace dates and labels. But, who knows how many months or years they have been laying around factories. Thus they will sell at low prices because of the expired date? And they continue to use our tax dollars but not for the right purpose. This gives me a reason to believe that this is being done to eliminate an overpopulated country.

Whoever it is that decides to sell expired products for a lower cost? Are doing it to save expired products from getting thrown away. Because it would cost them billions of dollars in lost sales. Does the government care about who eats processed chemical food? No. The reason is to extend shelf life. It saves much more money that way. And consequently, chemicals of any kind are dangerous to your health. ‘This is how it works. Plus, it would be too expensive to produce vitamin food to eat.


Alkaline Water Is Nutritional

Alkaline water is pure and nutritional and will flush all toxins out of your body That is why we must drink good quality alkaline water. For optimizable health. Furthermore, water purification is a method that removes basically, all contaminants. Also, It helps your digestive system by flushing out any acidic cells that are in your body. Thus, Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation. And when you use alkaline water to’ cook your meals, it makes a significant great difference in the taste. Because water purifiers are more effective in removing contaminants than any other system. And it is a process that is pure and very nutritious. But not with reverse osmosis systems, only to send it right back to us to drink. And of course, the reason is to save the company money.

I have already said that our city treatment centers are recycling sewage water. But the methods they use do not remove all the contaminants. They use chlorine, alum, fluoride, and who knows what else now. Which are dangerous chemicals. And those chemicals remain in the water for you to drink. Not to mention our pipes are full of built-up calcium and magnesium. The city pipes are also a hundred years old or more. These pipes never get replaced until they crack or get clogged up with calcium and magnesium. So please do not drink tap water, known as hard water.

Because’ it has over one hundred contaminants. I could understand why the astronauts drink their filtered urine. Because they are using a sophisticated reverse osmosis machine. Thus, we do not have that for our tap water containing more than a hundred contaminants. Because the city is too cheap to do so. All this is part of the plan to kill an overpopulated nation. The water treatment centers do not use reverse osmosis filtration systems. Because it is too expensive for them to afford the maintenance. So, they do it in a cheaper way to save the company money. Chemicals in the water will only make it more toxic and arsenic.

To produce good quality alkaline water, you would need a reverse osmosis system. If not, you will still have to drink those chemicals that are in the water. Chemicals stay in the water and are dangerous to your health. So, is it not better to have a water purification system? When I use to work for Westinghouse, their 4 filtration systems went for twenty-five hundred, financed. Whew! I knew that was a big rip-off because I promote 5 stages of reverse osmosis for as little as a hundred. But recently I am promoting a single screw-on faucet type of 5 stages. I also am an affiliate for eBay where you can get them cheaper through eBay amongst other items.



Why Not Reverse Osmosis For Our Country?

Now take Singapore. Singapore cares so much about their people on that Island than the United States does for us ‘Because they ‘are using reverse osmosis technology. ‘To produce good pure alkaline water for their people.  But here, they are “expecting” us to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces, YUK! Once again, what a slap in the face while taking a shower with everyone’s recycled toilet water.

You already know now that groundwater has been contaminated by pesticides and herbicides. Not to mention our crops. Some crops are alright to eat but not all. I have an email warless alert that gives you weather and food recall alerts. It lets you know when there are food recalls, fish, crackers, fruits, and processed food. And also weather reports in your area once you enter to register your email and enter your zip code to receive these necessary alerts. It’s called The Emergence Email & Wireless Network.

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