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Is Tap Water Clean Water?

Not at all. Thus, sewage water contains more than a hundred contaminants. E-Coli is a disease that comes from animal and human waste. Thus, E-Coli is one of the major diseases that we must know about. Because it kills.


Because it kills, and also, so does arsenic that’s found in tap water as well. This is why tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants. Because’ all they do is whiten the water with alum and chlorine and other chemicals. Here are a few contaminants that you will find in tap water. Thus, alum is nothing more than melted down aluminum with sulfuric acid. One more thing I have seen. Is that some grocery stores have open-door refrigeration for meats.


I have a Certified Food Handlers Certificate. And I know that meats must be at a temperature under 40 degrees F, so it does not get spoiled. And should always be at the top of the icebox, not below other foods. To avoid food poisoning. I tell people not to go to those stores that do not have glass doors for their meats.


And produce. Furthermore, I have also found out that E-coli got into processed food packages. I can tell you why, and that is because they process food with tap water. And you already know that tap water has E-Coli in it as well as hundreds of other contaminants.

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These are several contaminants found in tap water and viruses that it contains. Metals like Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Aluminum, Fluoride, and Calcium. But not the kind of calcium you will get in milk or a banana. And diseases and viruses that it will cause are.


Helicobacter pylori


Gastrointestinal disease


Gastric ulcers


E-Coli Escherichia


Hepatitis C. And the list goes on.


Thus, we are in need of a higher source of good quality drinking water. Reverse osmosis water purification systems are the best to have. And will produce excellent premium quality alkaline water for you and your family. Alkaline water also flushes out your entire system. And kidneys from all acidic cells from your body. These acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. The ‘Benefits of drinking alkaline water. 


Is it safe to drink bottled water?

We can choose to drink bottled water. But did you know that plastic bottles are ‘made with the chemical compound called BPA? Which will make the plastic harder and firmer? Plus, it’s supposed to be safe. But, recent studies proved it to be cancerous to your health. when the bottle gets overheated in a car, or in factories without air conditioning to keep them cool.


Too many times have I seen cases of bottled water stacked outside in the hot summer sun on hot pavement. ‘This is an actual photo that I took. The security guard ‘was flagging me away before I ‘could take any more pictures. So, imagine them getting so overheated that it will make the BPA leak into the water. If you ever leave a bottle of water ‘being in the plastic of’ course ‘getting soft? That raises a red flag because it means the BPA has lost its protective layer and leaked into your water.


Or the plastic bottle’ getting soft, in a hot car, means BPA has already leaked into the water. If you drink, it will make you sick to your stomach. That is how you will be able to tell as well. What about spring water? A few years back it was safe to drink. But now we have all kinds of chemicals sprayed on crops. Farming and agriculture. Pesticides and herbicides are to ‘thank, for contaminating the ground. So that is why spring water needs testing ‘as well. So much has happened to our environment. That it had become impossible to find good clean spring water.


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Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water & Reverse Osmosis Systems

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The benefits of drinking alkaline water will not only help flush out your kidneys and system. But will also kill the acidic cells that are left in your body. It is always best to have a reverse osmosis water system purifier. You can’t go wrong when you invest your money in a Ro system.

When you decide to buy plastic bottles for your dispenser, look for the kind that has the little red label ‘on it saying BPA Free. There has been some research on bottled water that proves it not to be safe to drink. The plastic bottle is ‘made with a chemical compound called BPA. Bisphenol-A.

‘The BPA will leak into the water if left in a hot car or storage area. Tap water holds over a hundred contaminants, to name a few. ‘Are fluoride, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, mercury. When the city water treatment centers clean water with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals, ‘will not remove the contaminants it still holds. If you buy plastic bottles for your dispenser, look for the kind that has the little red label on it that says BPA Free.


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As I said, it would cost them probably thousands of dollars to complete and maintain. ‘This has always been the problem with our economy. The company cannot afford a reverse osmosis system. And will not be willing to pay for maintenance every six months or so. Thus ‘Saving the company money the cheap way by using chemicals.

These are all in an inorganic state which will cause cancer and affect your kidney and liver. Farming industries that use pesticides and herbicides are causing groundwater contamination. And there is a public concern. That means our spring water has gotten contaminated as well.

And this gives us a good reason to evaluate the water before consumption. This city’s underground pipe had to be ‘replaced. ‘Because it had gotten clogged up with calcium and magnesium. ‘These pipes are so old some are a hundred or more years old. And we should have a mandatory rule to replace these pipes.

 Now let’s talk about our city water suppliers’ underground pipes. ‘If you look at the awful picture of that underground city pipe look. You can tell it is full of calcium, magnesium, and all the metals I have mentioned above.

They only replace these kinds of pipes when they are clogged up as you can see. How would they know when to replace them? Now let’s talk about our water suppliers’ underground pipes. Here is an example of how long it takes them to replace underground pipes. ‘Till they are no longer functional, or all clogged up with calcium and magnesium.

This is full of calcium, magnesium

These pipes are so old some are a hundred or more. And our city drinking water pipes are so contaminated with the recycled sewage water. Therefore, the water that they have been producing for us to drink is a disgusting thought. Besides, who wants to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces. Yuk! And contaminants like arsenic, E-Coli, can cause severe foodborne illnesses that will kill.

 When you drink superior quality pure alkaline water, it will flush out your entire system. ‘Including your kidneys.  Moreover, It will also remove any acidic cells that ‘are housing for cancer cells to grow. Here is a test I have done on a bottle of water.

Furthermore, the chemical test shows that it turned yellow because it is acidic. And it does not matter the brand name of the bottled water. First of all plastic bottled water is acidic. Second, they say you can boil water and ‘it will kill the bacteria. But the bacteria are still dead in your water.


In addition, the chemicals that bleached the water are still there as well. And by boiling the water will also multiply the metals in your water. ‘Like magnesium, iron, and calcium. Some contaminants are not removable by using chemicals, and boiling water will only kill the “nutrients” of the water. And multiply the metals that are already in the water.

Because it is either cleaned with chemicals or most likely, boiled without using a reverse osmosis water purifier. The ph. level reaches from 7 to 14 on the alkaline scale. Besides, it is not only nutritious to drink but will also flush out your entire system. ‘Including your kidneys. And will also kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. All “bottled water” is acidic and ‘not pure enough for human consumption. Therefore, nothing can be no better than having your purification system. This will save you lots of money from ever buying bottled water again.


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Water Purification Methods

Water Purification Methods

Purity System Water Purification Methods


Methods Of Purifying Your Water

Water purification systems do what they are supposed to do. Reverse osmosis is a type of filtration system that will remove all metals and contaminants. And hard water is Also known as tap water. Therefore, city water treatment centers recycle sewage water and are expecting us to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces? When I found this out I was outraged. Thinking back to the days I used to drink water out of the hose. I thought to myself if I only knew that when I was a kid playing outside and getting thirsty, drinking from the water hose. Never had the slightest idea whether the water was safe or not. And, I hope it was not recycled water. 


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Thus, farming agriculture is contaminating groundwater. ‘With herbicides and pesticides. Besides, floods carry contaminants long distances. ‘Into your water supply. Droughts can cause cyanobacteria to grow as well. ‘Which’ has contaminated the water. Thus getting a reverse osmosis system water purifier is the best decision you can ever make. And purifying your water with a reverse osmosis method will remove metals and contaminants as well. Protecting you against bacteria and dangerous chemicals. Including E-Coli a serious pathogen disease that comes from animal and human waste.

Besides, they will only treat it with chlorine, fluoride, and chemicals. Alum is another chemical that is aluminum melted down with sulfuric acid. Used to make the water clear looking. But, that will not remove all contaminants. Also, E-coli was inside food-processed packages. How did E-coli get into the food processed packages? Why? Because they are using tap water to process the food. 

These chemicals and contaminants remain in the water. And dangerous to your health. Sewage water has a disease called E-Coli which comes from animal and human waste. Plastic is ‘made with a ‘chemical called BPA to give the plastic its firmness. It is also the so-called protective inside layer of bottles and cans. Leaving your water inside a ‘hot car will overheat. And the BPA will ‘leak into the water. Thus, it has proven to give you cancer. In addition, it is not safe to drink. 

The chemical test on this bottled water turned yellow because it was acidic. But, alkaline water will turn purple or blue depending on its alkalinity. Thus, reaching a high ph. level of 7 to 14 on the alkalinity scale. Therefore, all bottled water is acidic. The acidic cells will be removed from your body when you drink alkaline water. Thus, protecting you from getting cancer, because acidic cells can attract cancer cells to join in and grow within.


Furthermore, alkaline water will remove all acidic cells from your body, and flushes out your kidneys. Moreover, it’s promising to invest in a ‘Reverse osmosis water purifier. That is easy to install under your sink and comes with instructions. Furthermore, you will never need to buy any more bottled water.

I took a picture of hundreds of cases sitting outside in the hot sun. Can you imagine how many people are going to be sick to their stomachs?

Thus, filtration systems will remove dissolved salts and inorganic molecules. The water also runs under pressure through a membrane filtration system. Therefore, the ‘filtration will allow the water molecules. But most likely, not the dissolved salts, bacteria. Therefore, water purification also meets the needs of medical, and pharmacological. Chemical, and industrial applications for pure and clean water.

And again, like I said before. Plastic is ‘made with a ‘chemical called BPA to give the plastic its firmness. It is also the so-called protective inside layer of bottles and cans. Leaving your water inside a ‘hot car will overheat. And the BPA will ‘leak into the water giving you cancer. So, thus it is not safe to drink. 

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Best Choice Water Purification

Best Choice Water Purification Systems

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Why should you invest in a water purification system?

‘Because water purifiers will remove all contaminants from your hard water.  Known as tap water. Thus, there are several filtration systems to choose from. Some businesses use it for commercial uses, and hospitals as well.

Some people think that drinking tap water is safe but it is not. Because the water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it back for us to drink. Which was a disgusting thought of everyone recycling urine and feces that could be drinkable when it’s not. Why? Because hard water contains more than a hundred contaminants.

But, water purification systems use the same technologies that purify water. In addition, alkaline water is pure and nutritious for your entire system. And thus, will help flush out all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in your body. Moreover, It even serves as excellent plant irrigation as well. ‘Most of all, when you use alkaline water ‘to cook. All your meals will taste great and will make a big difference. 


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BPA is ‘made with plastic and is also used for the inside protective layer inside cans and other plastic containers. The BPA is what makes the plastic more firm in hardness. But, if you leave your bottled water in a hot car, the BPA will leach into your water. And thus, will give you cancer. Furthermore, it has been reported on CNN news that once overheated the BPA will leak into your water and will give you cancer. So, it would be better to have a water purification system installed underneath your sink. When I bought my first reverse osmosis it tastes like good excellent pure water and you can certainly taste the sweetness of it, and not as pure as alkaline water.


Alkaline Water

Drinking premium alkaline water is not only good for you but “nutritional as well. It will help flush out your kidneys and is nutritional for your body. ‘By owning a water purification system, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars every month or year on bottled water. You will no longer need bottled water. Besides, why would you if it is acidic?

‘Because a reverse osmosis system will remove all contaminants, metals, and chemicals from your tap water. It even helps in plant irrigation. ‘When you use alkaline water to ‘cook all your meals will make a big difference in the taste. Because it is purified to its highest level of alkaline.

Remember that a chemical compound ‘called BPA. BPA is ‘made with plastic for the inside protective layer, and when left in a hot car it will overheat melt into your water, and give you cancer. So, is it not better to have your water purification system installed underneath your sink? It comes with easy install easy-to-install instructions.


 Can Tap Water Be Safe To drink?

No! Tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants and is dangerous to your health. Thus, water treatment centers have been recycling sewage water and sending it back for us to drink. ‘This is why there if over a hundred contaminants because they come from sewage water. ‘To name a few. Hepatitis C. Arsenic, Helicobacter pylori, and the list go on.

The metals ‘that ‘are in tap water are.






Mercury. Thus, kidney damage can and will result in exposure to inorganic mercury through drinking water as well. If you ever used a faucet filter, you will be; able to see those metals on it like rust when you remove it. ‘But it is only the rust from the water you see on the filter. No contaminants or chemicals will be ‘removed. ‘Not even the metals. Therefore, that is also a waste of your money and time.

When you can get reverse osmosis with 5, 6, or 7 filters connected with a carbon filter to remove all salts and sediments. Besides all metals and 99% of contaminants from tap water. My advice is best to invest in a water purification system. Because as you already know even bottled water is not safe to drink because it is acidic. And acidic cells are a great place for cancer cells to grow.

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