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Purity System Water Purification Health & Wellness

Benefits Of Water Purification
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Purity System Reverse Osmosis


Tap Water Is Not Clean Water

Why? Because tap water has more than a hundred contaminants. And it comes from recycled sewage water, also known as hard water. There is a disease in sewage water called E-Coli that is a deadly disease and will kill.


Because it kills, and also, so does arsenic that’s in tap water. Tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants. Because’ all they do is whiten the water with alum, chlorine, and other chemicals. Here are a few contaminants that you will find in tap water. Thus, alum is nothing more than melted down aluminum with sulfuric acid. One more thing I have seen. Is that some grocery stores have open-door refrigeration for meats.


I have a Certified Food Handlers Certificate. And I know that meats must be at a temperature under 40 degrees F so it does not get spoiled. And should always be at the top of the icebox, not below other foods. To avoid food poisoning. I tell people not to go to those stores that do not have glass doors for their meats.


And produce. Furthermore, I found out that E-coli got into processed food packages. I can tell you why, and that is because they process food with tap water. And you already know that tap water has E-Coli in it and hundreds of other contaminants.


Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis Water FIlteration System-600


These are several contaminants found in tap water, including viruses. It also contains metals like Copper, Aluminum, Magnesium, Fluoride, and Calcium. And diseases and viruses that will cause serious infections. Here are a few to name.


Helicobacter pylori


Gastrointestinal disease


Gastric ulcers


E-Coli Escherichia


Hepatitis C. And the list goes on.


We are definitely in need of a better source of drinking water. Reverse osmosis water purification systems are the best to have. And will produce excellent premium quality alkaline water for you and your family. Alkaline water also flushes out your entire system. And kidneys from all acidic cells from your body.


Bottled Water Is Acidic?

We can choose to drink bottled water. But did you know that plastic bottles are ‘made with the chemical compound called BPA? Which will make the plastic harder and firmer? Plus, it’s supposed to be safe. But, recent studies proved it to be cancerous to your health. when the bottle gets overheated in a car or factory without air conditioning to keep them cool.


Too many times have I seen cases of bottled water stacked outside in the hot summer sun on hot pavement. ‘This is an actual photo that I took. The security guard ‘was flagging me away before I ‘could take any more pictures. So, imagine them getting so overheated that it will make the BPA leak into the water. If you ever leave a bottle of water in the plastic of’ course ‘getting soft? That raises a red flag because the BPA has lost its protective layer and leaked into your water.



If you feel a plastic bottle is soft, That means that it has been in an extreme heat environment. Which means BPA has already leaked into the water. If you drink, it will make you sick to your stomach. That is how you will be able to tell as well. What about spring water?


A few years back, it was safe to drink. But now farming industries are spraying chemicals on crops. Pesticides and herbicides are to ‘thank for contaminating the groundwater. Thus spring water needs testing as well because of this. So much has happened through farming and chemical waste plants. So, finding clean underground water is hard to find.


Thus, would it not be better to invest in a water purification system? And it will also save you money from buying bottled water again. That will save you hundreds every year. My cousin stopped by for a visit one day. And we were talking for a while and he got thirsty watching me fill up a gallon of alkaline water. So, I gave him a drink of it. His eyes got wide open with pleasure saying to me wow that tastes good and sweet. 



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