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Benefits Of Water Purification
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It will regulate one’s ph. level, giving you an extra energy boost. And put you back into great shape. Moreover, it’s nutritious enough for you and your family. And the taste is pure and sweet. Thus, boosting your metabolism. When I was a little boy, I drank from the water hose while playing outside. And you know when kids play, they get thirsty. I would not have drank that hard water if I knew what I know now. Yes, hard water is tap water. And tap water is hazardous to your health if you drink it because of its contaminants.


That the city treatment centers use chemicals to clean the water. And these chemicals are dangerous for consumption. The primary disease you got to worry about. It is E-Coli because it is a dangerous bacterial pathogenic disease. That has killed and will keep killing. E-Coli has caused severe food poisoning through the processes of food products.


Thus, food contamination is a problem in today’s society. We must be careful now as we go through these tough times during this pandemic. Not only does tap water contain all these contaminants. It also has metals, chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic. Chlorine is ‘used to disinfect the city water. But, it also remains in the water with other chemicals. Thus, you will still be drinking contaminated water. Not to mention; recycled sewage water contaminated with animal and human waste.


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Drinking hard water or tap water will do damage to your insides. Because of the dangerous chemicals and viruses, it contains. Not to mention; the metals and contaminants it contains. Aluminum, copper, lead, mercury, ext. Tap water has over a hundred impurities. And there are incidents of deaths from food poisoning.

I have also found out that there are other countries. That use reverses osmosis filtration systems. For their people. If only that would happen here. It would be a miracle made happen. But it is all about saving money because of inflation. Thus, some companies go through challenging issues about how much money they can spend.



What is BPA?

BPA is this protective layer inside all plastic bottles. Including plastic packages and containers. But it ‘was soon discovered in further studies. That BPA ‘will leak into your water if the water bottle is ‘left in a hot car or outside in the heat. Thus ‘giving you cancer if you decide to drink it. I recommend not to drink bottled water for those reasons alone.


So, research has found that BPA affects male and female Hormones. It also lowers the male libido. If you only know what would happen to those tv dinners, you stick into the microwave oven? The hot food will steam up to the point where the BPA will leak into your meal. Since bottled water is acidic, it can not compete with alkaline water.


That ‘being said. The best kind of water is good quality premium alkaline water. That will give you the daily boost that you need. And, nothing is better than cooking with alkaline water. The taste is sweet, and the food comes out tasting great.



I was having severe stomach pain and did not know what was wrong with me at first. Going to the doctor only had me go to a colonoscopy doctor to get checked out. I kept having the same bleeding ulcers even after taking antibiotics and medication. But, when I started drinking alkaline water, Thus, I noticed how good and sweet it tasted soon after a week. I started feeling more energetic. Afterward, my stomach and intestines were not giving me any more problems. It does what it’s supposed to do. Clean all those acidic cells from your body. The best choice I ever made. 


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