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As some of us already know. The city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back through our pipes for us to drink. Sewage water contains several contaminants like E-Coli that comes from human and animal waste.
That is why tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants.

Because’ all they do is whitening the water with alum and chlorine and other chemicals. Here are a few contaminates that you will find in tap water. They are. E-Coli which, comes from human and animal waste’ is one major one that can kill you. Helicobacter pylori, gastrointestinal disease, gastric ulcers. Metals like Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, and Aluminum, Fluoride, and Calcium but not the kind you will find in milk or a banana.

So that being said, we need a higher source of good quality drinking water. Reverse osmosis water purification systems are the best to get and will produce premium quality alkaline water. And will flush out your entire system and kidneys from all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. Alkaline water will produce pure premium good quality water. Benefits of drinking alkaline water. Its alkalinity reaches a high alkaline level on a scale from 7 to 14.

We could result in drinking bottled water. But did you know that plastic bottles made with the chemical compound called BPA  that will make the plastic harder and firmer? Plus, it’s supposed to be safely considered safe by the FDA.

But, recent studies proved it to be cancerous to your health when the bottle gets overheated in a car, 18 wheelers, or factories without air conditioning to keep them cool. But like I said, who is to know how long bottled water stays in an 18 wheeler during the hot summer days and take hours or days to reach its destiny.
Too many times have I seen cases of bottled water stacked outside in the hot summer sun on hot pavement.

This is an actual photo that I took. The security guard was flagging me away before I could take any more pictures.

So, imagine them getting so overheated that it will make the BPA leak into the water. If you ever leave a bottle of water being in the plastic of course getting soft? That raises a red flag because it means the BPA has lost its protective layer and leaked into your water. Or the plastic bottle’ getting soft, after left in a hot car long enough. If you drink, it will make you sick to your stomach. That is how you will be able to tell as well.

How about spring water. Well back in the 1800s, it was safe to drink spring water. But now we have the farming agriculture, pesticides, and herbicides to thank, for contaminating the ground with it. So’ that is why the spring water needs to be chemically tested as well. So much as happened to our environment that it is becoming impossible to find good clean spring water.

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