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Traditionally, chlorine is used to disinfect our city water. But this kind of chlorine had carcinogenic by-products called trihalomethanes. They also use fluoride. I have done testing on hard water and it contains many more than a hundred contaminants, like calcium, iron, zinc, and the list goes on arsenic, copper. lead, e-Coli. Drinking hard water or tap water is not a good idea because of the dangerous chemicals we found in the water. These kinds of chemicals are dangerous to your health and will cause diseases like Bone cancer, Gastrointestinal disease, Heliobacteria pylori, and the list goes on.

What is BPA?


No, in fact, our plastic bottled water is made with a chemical they call BPA Bisphenol A, which is the protective inside layer of the bottle. It was considered safe by the FDA years ago, but recent research and studies prove BPA to be cancerous. When I did a chemical test on a bottle of water it turned yellow because it is acidic.  And acidic cells are housing cells to live and grow in.


Acidic water often referred to as electrolyzed water. And like I said it turns yellow when I did a chemical test on bottled water. But alkaline water turns blue or purple indicating a high level of alkalinity. It measures and reaches a high ph level from 7 to 14 on the alkaline scale.

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Alkaline water is high on a ph. level from 7 to 14. Drinking alkaline water flushes out your system and kidneys. It also kills all acidic cells in your body that become housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. Research has found that BPA also affects the male and female hormones, and lowers the potential of the male’s libido.

That being said. The best kind of water is good quality premium alkaline water. That will bring you back to optimizable health.


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