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August 2020


Sewage Water Treatment Centers

Do you know that our city water suppliers have been using sewer water to recycle it right back into our pipes for us to drink saying it is safe to drink now? Ewe! It has been tested to have e-Coli in it which is a sewage toxin. Yes, it might be drinkable, but it is still not safe to drink even thou they say it is. And this water comes through city pipes before it gets to our house or app. Pipes that are most likely 100 years are older. Plus,

when they filter with chemicals like fluoride and chlorine that alone will cause you to get cancer. The chemicals, of course, remain in the water. The water is actually contaminated with all sorts of viruses and diseases. Here are a few of them that are common.

Chemicals: Calcium, but not the kind you find in a banana, Magnesium, Lead, Aluminum, Copper, fluoride, arsenic, zinc. All these chemicals are in an inorganic form not organic.

Disease: Hepatitis C, Gastrointestinal disease, Bone disease, anemia, and the list goes on there are more than a hundred contaminants in that kind of water.


There has been some research about Bottle water because plastic is made with a chemical compound called BPA. Bisphenol-A, which will leak into the water and cause cancer, especially when left in a hot car. Do not drink tap water because it contains several contaminants, to name a few they are mostly fluoride, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, mercury and these are all in an inorganic state which will cause cancer as well and other sicknesses to your kidney and liver.

They say that the FDA considered our plastic bottles safe to drink from. Otherwise, they would not have let them through the market, right? Wrong! In fact, CNN news has already mentioned in the news that it is not a good idea to leave your bottled water in a hot car if you intend to drink the rest of it. If you get an upset stomach from drinking hot water from plastic containers. You will know now what’s causing it. Ok and this is why. Imagine how long it takes for these plastic bottles of water from state to state and depends on how far. And if they are driving in the hot summertime, it will surely be in the water before it gets to its market destination.

There are many ways the bottles could get contaminated by the BPA leaking into your water during a hot day. For instance. If you are still wanting to buy water and say that’s ok you got to die of something someday anyways. My dad uses to say that. That is definitely the wrong way to see things lol. He passes away at young only 69. I told you so Dad. So there you have it. Some people care about themselves and others like me. And you got some that really don’t care because they refuse to listen to reason and facts. Alkaline water turns blue or purple when a chemical test is done.

I did a chemical test on a bottle of water I bought at a store. And it turns yellow because it indicates that the water is acidic. I also did a test on alkaline water as well and it turns blue or purple depending on the ph. level from 7 to 14.

Here is a picture of a storefront that got overstocked with cases of bottled water. And had to stack them outside in the hot Sun. And these are like a hundred or so cases of bottled water. Already contaminated by the Sun’s rays leaking the BPA chemical into the water.

BPA Bisphenol-A

BPA has been considered safe by the FDA half a decade ago, but now recent research has found it to be very cancerous. Yes, it will cause cancer once it leaks into your water before you drink it. Well not right away but if you keep drinking that water like that surely it will lower your lifespan with cancer. And it would be the acidic cells that will help cancer grow faster depending on how acidic your body is. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in.

Maybe not right away but it will make you sick to your stomach. I have personally taken a picture as you can see above, in the summertime of a storefront with hundreds of cases or more stacked outside in the hot sun WOW! I said, let me take this picture. I was flagged down by a security guard who did not like me taking the pictures.

This is what we are drinking folks, in fact, we really don’t know now where these plastic bottles have been hanging around for whatever length of time. I felt outraged about this happening. This my friends could turn deadly to the elderly who are more susceptible to some folks and these people should be sued against this kind of overstocking. Drinking out of these bottles is not safe at all. I believe before they even get to the grocery stores or shopping centers they would be in the heat too long in a truck traveling thousands of miles to deliver from state to state.

How many hours do you think it will take for a bottle of water to go bad like this? That’s why CNN reported this in the news about not being a good idea to leave a plastic bottle of water or any drink in a hot car. Even one hour can do make the BPA leach into your drink or water. Remember anything plastic is made with BPA for more hardness and firm support.


Affordable Reverse Osmosis water purification systems are wonderful to have and will save you money from ever buying bottled water again. Because you have the best of good quality alkaline water. Not only is alkaline water good for you to drink. But is also cleans and flushes out your kidneys and entire body. It cleanses your entire system and kills acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. It helps with your digestive system and flushes out your kidneys.

To ensure safe drinking water for you and your family our water purifiers do what they say they will do. Filtering your water with a Reverse osmosis water purifier is better than bought water, because of the chemical that the plastic bottle was made with called BPA. A petroleum chemical used to make the protective inside liner of the bottle and cans.

If your blood is too acidic, for example, our lungs expel more carbon dioxide (or, we hyperventilate).  And Alkaline water is the best water for cleansing and flushing out your entire system, kidneys and is nutritional for your body. Will also kill acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live in. If you drink alkaline water not only will it flush out your systems and kidneys. But will also kill the acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in.


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Traditionally, chlorine is used to disinfect our city water. But this kind of chlorine had carcinogenic by-products called trihalomethanes. They also use fluoride. I have done testing on hard water and it contains many more than a hundred contaminants, like calcium, iron, zinc, and the list goes on arsenic, copper. lead, e-Coli. Drinking hard water or tap water is not a good idea because of the dangerous chemicals we found in the water. These kinds of chemicals are dangerous to your health and will cause diseases like Bone cancer, Gastrointestinal disease, Heliobacteria pylori, and the list goes on.

What is BPA?


No, in fact, our plastic bottled water is made with a chemical they call BPA Bisphenol A, which is the protective inside layer of the bottle. It was considered safe by the FDA years ago, but recent research and studies prove BPA to be cancerous. When I did a chemical test on a bottle of water it turned yellow because it is acidic.  And acidic cells are housing cells to live and grow in.


Acidic water often referred to as electrolyzed water. And like I said it turns yellow when I did a chemical test on bottled water. But alkaline water turns blue or purple indicating a high level of alkalinity. It measures and reaches a high ph level from 7 to 14 on the alkaline scale.

Reverse Osmosis System


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Alkaline water is high on a ph. level from 7 to 14. Drinking alkaline water flushes out your system and kidneys. It also kills all acidic cells in your body that become housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. Research has found that BPA also affects the male and female hormones, and lowers the potential of the male’s libido.

That being said. The best kind of water is good quality premium alkaline water. That will bring you back to optimizable health.


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Tony’s Water Purification

Water purification systems are a process by which, inorganic materials and biological contaminants are removed. The city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and only treat it with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. These chemicals and contaminants remain in the water and are dangerous to your health. Simply because sewage water has a disease called E-Coli which comes from animal and human waste.

Plastic is made with a chemical called BPA to give the plastic its firmness. It will cause cancer when left in a hot car and it is not safe to drink because it will release the BPA into your water. Thus will be dangerous to your health.

I ran a chemical test on a bottle of water and even though the water is considered safe to drink it is still acidic. The yellow color means that it is acidic, and acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in. But alkaline water kills acidic cells and flushes out your kidneys and your entire system. In fact, I did a few more tests and have found that all bottled water is acidic.

Alkaline water always turns purple or blue depending on its alkalinity.  Better to just invest in a 5 or Reverse osmosis water purifiers, that is easy to install under your sink and comes with instructions. Reverse osmosis purifiers are a technology that uses a semipermeable membrane. It will remove dissolved salts or organic molecules. The water runs under pressure through the membrane filter. It will allow the water molecules, but, not the dissolved salts, bacteria, and chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis Purification

These chemicals that are found in tap water will cause cancer and are not safe to drink. The major purpose of water purification is to provide pure and safe drinking premium alkaline water. Water purification also meets the needs of medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial applications for pure and clean alkaline water. Very effective with plant Irrigation as well, and will make your plants super healthy.

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Tony’s RO Water Purification Systems

Best Choice Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

Why should you invest in a water purification system?

Because water purifiers are more effective in removing contaminants like (fluoride, Magnesium, calcium, and, all contaminants.

There are more advanced filtration systems now from 5  up to 11 stages of reverse osmosis filters. Water purification systems have the same technologies used to purify water for commercial and industrial use a process that is pure and very nutritious.

It helps with the digestive system flushing out any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells. It even serves as excellent plant irrigation. Most of all, when you use alkaline water to cook all your meals with it definitely makes a big difference in the taste. Remember that a chemical compound called BPH is made with plastic for the inside seal and when left in a hot car that chemical will leak into your water and will cause cancer. So is it not better to have your own water purification system installed underneath your sink. It comes with easy to install instructions.

Alkaline Water

Drinking premium alkaline water is not only good for you but nutritional as well. It will help flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well. By owning your own reverse osmosis purification system. You will be able to save hundreds of dollars every year on bottled water. You will no longer need bottled water. Because a reverse osmosis system will remove all contaminants including metals from your tap water.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis 

Tap Water is safe?

No! Tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants and is considered dangerous to your health. Our water treatment centers have been recycling sewage water and sending it back for us to drink. This is where the contaminants are coming from. To name a few they are, Hepatitis C. Arsenic, Heliobacteria pylori, and the list goes on.

The metals that are in the water are Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, and iron. If you ever used a faucet filter, you will be able to see those metals on it like rust when you remove it. All that is coming from calcium and magnesium build-up as well.


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