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‘If you want to know more about me. I am an affiliate for many companies. I dd started my traffic through my website at first. It was a free 7-day course with a free website, and it still is a free 7-day free video lesson and a permanent website. You will still get to keep your website even if you do not join. What a good deal, I said to myself. So, I went for it.


‘This was what I always wanted to ‘do; without having to pay $1,500 or so. But when the free website with the 7-day free video lessons came by, I jumped on it. Yes, the cost was around $1500’ or so to get a website back a few years ago.


It’s probably more now. But being my boss and working many hours is helping me with more freedom time. I have also created other affiliate programs. Whether full or part-time, that would be up to you. In my first month, I got accepted for my content on Google Adsense.


And getting paid per click’ and made tons of leads and traffic. When I first started with a blog about water purification methods. And about the dangers of drinking tap water that has more than a hundred contaminants.


And it turned out well with the other free affiliate programs that I have joined and now sharing with you. If you feel this is for you, feel free to come and join in on the fun. Do not worry; you will be able to go back to the video lessons to see if you missed anything or forgotten something.


I learned how to build my website in no time because the innovative word press, they are using now does it all for you. All you do is write content, and no need to build it from scratch. Only your content. Whatever your ‘niche and whatever you want to blog about is okay.


I have seven websites and five from Wealthy Affiliate. ‘Which is enough for me to manage right now. And that’s all I need for now. Besides the free website and lessons for 7-days, you will also be allowed to get up to 25 websites free of charge. You only pay for the domain name with .com will run around $13 per year. For .net around $15 on up .org little more like $17 or more.


The rest includes my blog that is important to know why tap water is dangerous to your health. “The city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink. Yuk! What a slap on the face with everyone’s recycled urine and feces while taking a shower.


Feel; free to read on if you are not interested in the affiliate programs. My research goes deep into what the government officials are doing to us for low-cost reasons to save them millions in lost outdated products.


And’ sending us contaminated water like recycled sewage water that the city is being allowed to send right back to us to drink. Yuk! What a slap on the face with everyone’s recycled urine and feces while taking a shower.



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